Natural Waves- Easy Down do..

Embracing the natural waves in hair can be very difficult. However, natural waves and curl is so beautiful. That of course is just one Gal's opinion. Well Lady Bug is back. (My niece.) And she has cute waves to sport. L.B. doesn't like any extras in her hair, so the rules were no moose and no jell. I am cool with that. After all she is totally entitled to things being her way. We started by dampening the hair so that we can style it easily. See those waves. Yup- we love things like that around here.
Part out a rectangle section up front. Short across the forehead and long moving back. Don't go too far back. You don't need to exaggerate this too far.
Next you will twist it. Twist it far back.
You are going to take out a section from the back right behind your first rectangle. This is more square like.
Anchor that twist to that second section of hair.
Do that a few times. We choose to do three of them.
And then we scrunched that hair while it dried. She didn't want to defuse and that is fine with me too. I just talked her into letting me scrunch away to try and have the curling even and not sporadic. Pretty cute.
And when it was done--- Bean's wanted to have the same hair do today. So sweet.


  1. I'm so happy I discovered your blog! My little girl is 3 1/2 and although her hair is long, it is very thin and short on top. This is mainly due to a compulsive hair-twisting habit that she has. She sucks her thumb and twists her hair, breaking it off really bad on one side. It makes it really hard to fix because it is so many different lengths. I love this hairstyle! It looks like it will keep all those little pieces neat and secure! Thanks!

  2. Very Cute. We're dealing w/those waves in Bee's hair since her curl is getting weighted down as it's getting longer. Fun stuff.

  3. They are both so cute!

    Parting has just never been my thing though. Im not sure even how to achieve that. I know that might sound kinda dumb, but just call it daddy syndrome or something.

    Im only guessing you would use a comb or something with a straight edge to do the seperating?

    Love and Prayers,


  4. Cute as always :)


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