Gaga for Hair

I can't help but giggle a little at Lady Gaga making it on to Girly Do's. I love to work out to Lady Gaga, but never in a million years would I let Beans listen to her lyrics. And lets just not go near the video and Beans combo with a nine foot pole. I like Lady Gaga, but she's a little to "mature audience" don't ya think. Well I got a crazy erg to give Beans a Lady Gaga bow. And it turned out pretty cute.
Beans bow is with her real hair and not extensions, so we have to do things a little differently. Like starting with it being pulled into a half pony tail off centered to the side you want your bow to sit on.
You will divide this into the parts. The one on top is far smaller then the two on the sides. The two on the sides will be for our bow.
Take one side and finger curl it to the size you want your bow to be.
Roll it all the way down to the pony tail and use bobby pins to secure it in place.
You will be using a lot of bobby pins to get it to lay out like a bow. Plus you want this to hold well all day long.
Do the same to the other side.
You are left with your smaller strand of hair. This is the middle poof of your bow.
Fold it once to the back...
Use a bobby pin to secure it.
Take it back to the front and secure it.
Take it to the back again and repeat this process until you have all the hair secured and a nice middle poof to your bow. tuck the left over hair into the bow or behind the last part of your middle poof.
Secure it anywhere else that needs extra hold down.
And you made a hair bow like Lady Gaga-- obviously this is much smaller, but it is dang cute.


  1. That is super cute!! I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga's lyrics either:( But this is one of my favorite do's for a little girl!! Good job!

  2. I know that one of my girls will be sporting this hair do. I'm constantly amazed at your creativity!


  3. So stinkin' cute!!! I love it!!!

  4. Awesome. Very cute. Like yours better than Lady Gaga's for sure.

  5. She's way cuter than Lady Gaga. That girl is CRAZY!! but I am totally going to try the bow.

  6. That turned out so cute! Once I did a bow similar to that only it was more of a messy bun of sorts, but was only able to do it once. Definatley going to try it! Thanks!

  7. Ha! I love it, and I am with the others...her bow is way cuter than Lady Gaga's!

  8. SOOO CUTE!!! Lady gaga is a little crazy! LOL But she does give ideas!

  9. I am always so Awe struck by the hair skills you have. No worries though because I will ALWAYS come here for advice on taylors dance buns. :)

    Love and Prayers,


  10. This is so adorable. You're amazing. We always receive compliments when my daughter sports one of your do's. Thanks for getting me out of a rut!

  11. Wow Jenn, you are a SUPERSTAR!!! Loves it , doing it today with Cheynie.

  12. it is very cute! nice job! I'll have to try that someday on my girls.


  13. ♥ Yeah she's pretty bad! Emma loves her just dance song has heard it twice then I listened to all the lyrics holy crap not anymore!!! I explained to Emma what they were talking about and Em had a disgusted look on her face and decided she didn't want to listen to it anymore either! Cute do! :)

  14. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I was looking for a dramatic hair-do for my daughter's 2 year pictures...this was perfect! Very creative.

  15. I did this for my daughter's 5th birthday and everyone loved it! My mom took her with to pick up the cake at the grocery store and she said that she was stopped like 10 times while in the store! Thanks for all your hard work and sharing! I could never thing of these on my own!

  16. I absolutely LOVE this do! Way cuter on a little girl than Lady Gaga...

  17. Cute! Much easier than what some people do and gather all of their hair into one huge bun on the top (which is extremely hard for my hair)

    I can't wait to try it!


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