Down With Attitude

This is just a fun idea for wearing your hair down, but having a little style and spunk too it as well. You aren't going to want to get the hair too wet for this one because you will want to curl the ends under at the very end. Just lightly dampen the hair. Man- her hair is growing so fast.
Start by sectioning off a bundle on top adn just get that secured out of your way.
Now take out small sections of the hair and twist them into little twists or braid them-- whatever. Twists are made by twisting the single strand one direction and them twisting them together the opposite dirrection you twisted the individual strand.
See- sweet cork screw.
Secure with a rubber band and move on to another one until----
You have them all the way around the back about the same size and distance apart.
Next we move into my beautifully lit bathroom to curl the hair. Curl those ends and the ends of the twists.
Then let that top section down and curl that as well. What we have is a cute down do that has a little sass underneath.
I guess you could use the mullet saying tweeking it just a little to be pretty and all business in the front--->

Party in the back.
LOL--- Okay maybe that doesn't work. But the hair do works!


  1. Very cute idea to leave it under a layer of hair! She is getting so big! Love those dimples!

  2. so cute! i tried this one a while back with my little girl...just the twists with hair inbetween. but the parts showed too much. so THANKS for the idea of having the top hair come over. this is the exact look i was going for, but couldn't figure out how to do it!! thanks!!!

  3. ♥ Very cute!!! Olivia wants her's that way too she said! :)


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