Scooter Do

Over at Facebook the idea was brought up, by Lori, about a good hair do that could be worn with your bike helmet. So this is my attempt for a Bike helmet hair do. My two thoughts on helmet hair...
1. Bangs and that top part always either sticks out and is in the way or it get static build-up and nearly drives you nuts when the helmet comes off. So for me I really want to do something to help with that. If nothing else at all.
2. Hair spray should never be worn when you plan on biking a lot. I used to bike a lot with my sister growing up. She was a tom boy and I wanted to be like her, but my girly roots always shined through and I would get all ready with hairspray and all to go biking. And when you sweat--- you wear it in your eyes. And sweat flavored with hair spray really burns. So if you are going to do a cute hair styles under that helmet make sure you so not use hair spray.
First thing you will do is braid a flat regular braid down the front. This is just to solve that bang problem. If you do a regular braid and not a Dutch braid (or backwards braid) it will sit more flat for under that helmet. I only added hair on the one side and that is what makes mine look like it still it a little poppy-- Its really not.
Next in the back you are going to make three pony tails of equal amounts--- and all your parts should be 100% perfect. Ha ha--- just kidding. This is Girly Do's and you know how much I care about perfection. Especially in parts. I think a little slant and imperfection sometimes is what makes the hair styles turn out just so perfect for me. So please note how imperfect mine are.

Also---- at this point you would probably catch me doing three messy buns and letting them pop out the bottom and I would love this little do. I would like having that hair showing out the bottom and being a little messy- so feel free to disregard the rest of these steps and do three messy buns right here. Because that would be so cute too!!
Moving on--- one braid on the outer two and two on that inner pony tail.
Take the outside pony's and add them to the middle one.
Now take the inside ones and tuck them through the rubber band holding the outer pony tail.
Then you are left with slop on the side. And no one ever asked for a side of slop with anything. So we aren't going to have it here either.
So a little stratigig tucking and two bobby pins on each side to secure and that slop is gone.
I should have mentioned it sooner.... but think this through and when you make your three pony tails make sure they sit very low in the back of the head. You might even want to keep the helmet in hand and check them to make sure they are low enough waaaaayyy back that that point in styling.
And there you go--- we are off to ride her scooter. And that of course is why she wanted this one to be called her scooter do. Thank you for the idea Lori.

Some more idea's that might work for Helmet hair are----->
Anchoring the hair to keep the bangs under control and leaving the rest down.
Side braids to messy pigs. Much like this hair do, but a braid on both sides.
Knot that leads to pig tails.
Linky Pigs- this one is a little loose, so it may not hold us as well under the helmet.
And of course the Low Cork Screw Braid-- check out the video for this one.

Also----> Make and Takes featured a great hair bow how to with some fun new idea's so go check out her stuff. and Little Treasures Bowtique has a great promotion going on anyone who makes a purchase between now and Monday the 15th will be entered into a drawing for a $25 GC. With School starting you might want to win that GC.


  1. Very cute, and a great way to keep all the hair from getting helmet head!

  2. this is so cute i will have to try it!

  3. The mom---YOU saw it when it was starting to fall out--- don't be trying to fool anyone.

  4. This looks great! Thanks so much for rising to the challenge. I'm looking forward to sharing this with my daughter tomorrow. She was so excited when I told her you thought you could find a solution for the perfect "helmet do". Thank you!

  5. tee hee - one always needs to look stylish EVEN when wearing a helmet - LOVE this!

  6. I love this do...and well most all your dos. my daughter has very long hair and I love that most your styles still work for her hair. We did this do today, only we ended it with cute piggies instead of a pony. Looks great thanks.


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