Guess who had a birthday?

No guessing needed. Beans had a birthday last week.
So we were off making birthday magic happen.

And guess what else is happening? School- yup we start up next week.
So I am going to take this last week off just to chill with my wee ones.
I hope you all do the same.

In the mean time--- you can go join in any of my discussions over at BlogFrog I have a fun one about who's Hollywood hair you would like to have here. If you haven't heard about Blogfrog yet you will. They are rapidly growing and I am one of there community leaders. Its a great way of tracking your favorite blogs and being a part of live discussions that can be started by anyone and answered by anyone. You can add live feed to your blog and see where your viewers are coming from. Its a little treat to your readers in advertising for them when they send people your way from there blog. Its great if you haven't checked them out make sure you do. You can get to the discussion's as well by the blogfrog widget to the left. You can see who's commenting and who's visiting there as well. Check it out.

Jen at All Things Ribbon has a back to school special going on.
Just type in "Backtoschool" at checkout! How easy is that! 25% off your entire purchase! You can get bows to match uniforms over there as well.

I have two huge doctor appointments for my baby next week, so it may turn into two weeks before I get another actual hair do posted, but stick around I have some fun stuff coming soon. Have a great week--- and happy back to school!


  1. I was wondering if you could help me come up with a Hawaiian Luau hair do for a 2 1/2 yr old with fine hair almost do the middle of her back. The party is Saturday... yes I know... really soon, I'm just stumped and I look to all you girls for inspiration.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that there will be a utes bow comming out really soon! (just don't let my dad know)

  3. I could have used you when our daughter was younger... and here!

    Really neat hair 'art' - I'm impressed... and fascinated!


  4. Hope you're enjoying your back-to-school time!

    Left you an award on my blog. Play along if you like!


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