Flower Update

Do you know why I ♥ the mom? Because she found the link for me!!! Thank you so much! Guys/Gals if you are wanting to make this pretty flower go to this link that The Mom- from Babes in Hairland found--- Thank you! I owe her a flower don't cha think?


  1. Jenn, this is really cute. I went and looked at the tutorial and I think I might be able to do this.

    A few questions/requests:
    Do you have a photo of how you used it in a hair do??? I'd love to see it.

    Can you post a photo of how you made it into a hair bow? The tutorial doesn't take it that far and I'm wondering what kind of clip you used and how you attached it.

    Thanks! It's lovely :)

  2. Amy I have done it on both clips and I think it works best with the one that clicks closed because it is a heavier flower. And I have one shot, but it isn't going to be posted for a little while it is in line though. I will try to get it up very soon.

  3. Thanks for the link :o) I'm taking a look right after I finish my comment :o)


    And speaking of adorable... Just want to pass along a Blog Hug (aka Award) at my place... cuz your little girl and your blog is really adorable :o)

    Can't wait to make some for my niece and ...future grandbaby girly-whirlies :o)

    (if you get a chance to come by. please leave a comment so I know that you were there. )

    Blessings & Aloha!

  4. You're too funny. Nope - don't deserve a flower - just maybe help putting back together the ones that Bee destroyed! :) Glad to help btw!

  5. I thought I could share another flower tutorial that an online friend posted awhile ago. I haven't done it yet, but I do like them.

    Sew Blessed: Fabric Flower Tutorial


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