You've Got TALENT!!!!

I know--- everyone is saying it----- THAT JENN AT GIRLY DO'S IS A PROCRASTINATOR. I know that Jen from All Things Ribbon thinks that more then anybody out there! I was so fortunate with my task Jen gave me to shoot some pictures for her website. I can't wait to show them to you all, but I am waiting to hear back from her. If she says she hates them we will pretend this experiance never happened. But if she loves them I will be showing off my stuff and her's too of course.

But for today I have something completely different to catch up on--- YOU GUYS!!!! And all your mad skill. I love getting emails and comments from your guys. It is nice to know that there are others out there that enjoy doing hair, building relationships with there daughters in the process and just plain nice people that say nice things. My comment button to leave comments here is at the top of each post. I tried to move it back down to the bottom, but blogger thinks it has moved it and say's its down there, but when I look at the page it is still up atthe top---- its like the twilight zone of hair blogging--- do do do do..... So please feel free to comment or email anytime! Make sure adn send your pictures you want to show off too! Check out these fun do's--->BreAnn sent us there sweet fast hair do of curls where they add a bow on top and calls it cute! I love simple things like this. And clearly she does too! What a great smile!
Amanda has a two year old that is an absolute doll! And she has hair---- beans was just sprouting hair at two! You are so lucky! She sent over a few hair do's to enjoy.
Cree from Bowsnstuff is an avid believer in missmatching bows too--- I think that is so darling!
Thank your model for me too!
Emily gives us these in structions for how she did this fancy do----> "I did a braid out of a small section in the front, then looped all the hair into a ponytail on the opposite side, down low. Braided and secured the ponytail and then wound it into a messy bun secured with bobby pins. Then I curled the ends with a flat iron."

I love that--- so pretty and delicate and yet so simple. Perfect for school which is right around the corner. Load up on these simple ones ladies---- You'll be glad you did.
Heather did my sweet little swimmer do and it turned out so beautiful---- This seriously makes me want to cut bangs into Beans hair. I am contimlating it---- should I make a poll on my side bar about bangs? By the way she didn't do twists like mine she just did a tuck through knot. I bet that saved some time and it just goes to show how eaily these idea's are changed for your needs.
I love her smile and pretty eyes--- Heather your girl is a doll!
Michelle sent over her recreation my updo with ribbon in her darling naturally curly hairs sweet girl for church. She asked the question we need to come up with an answer for and that is---->How do you get your daughter to hold still while doing her hair. My only answer is that I get really fast and when we are trying a new idea that may take longer we plop in front of the boob tube. But lately she is growing more fond of sitting in front of the mirror and talking to me about anything she has on her mind and I just listen. She loves that hair time means mommy's full attention time. But during these summer months she doesn't even want that--->She just want out to play!
Rachel did her version of the Perfect Updo on her 2 1/2 year old. Seriously guys how do your youngsters have hair that young? And this little gal has a whole head of hair. Beans didn't have hair like this. Well very beautiful hair do.
She did a different kind of knot that was a little more gentle on this little gals head.Very cute!

Thank you ladies for sharing of your talent. I love getting these emails and I hope like crazy to see more coming in. Please feel free to email me your pictures at girlydos(at)hotmail(dot)com.

And Happy Monday!!! If your hair do was featured today YOU GET BLOG CANDY!!!! You can take this Sweet Hare Award and show off that you were showing off your skills. Thank you for sharing.



  1. I ran across your blog and became addicted. Now I have my sister in law, and girls I work with watching your blog. We all share pictures of what we have done. I have posted a few pics on my blog of some of your styles we have tried. Thank you for sharing your idea's. BTW your daughter is absolutely adorable!

  2. I have to put my daughters hair in a bun for dance class everyweek, and let me just say that us guys arent cut out for this fixing hair stuff. Carey is a low maintenance wife and doestn know how to do it either. Do you have a link to the easiest best way to do it so that it stays? Would love the help.

    Im gonna link your blog to The Fort if thats ok with you. Let me know.

    Im a followin now!

    Love and Prayers,

    Blog Frog Community Leader

  3. I have been a loyal follower for awhile and have done several of your hairdos on my girl. I was looking for an email address so I could share some...this post made me remember that I wanted to do that. My email is
    Thanks for all the hard work putting together just great hairdos!

  4. Ok,so I told you that I loved your blog. So unique and so different. Well, I couldn't resist. I posted about your blog today and will add you to my blogroll.

    Thanks, I'm so excited about fixing the girls hair.

  5. Wahooo! I was reading today and loved the Talented moms, only to scroll down and see my little angel on your site! Thanks! I am honored! I posted about it on my blog and put a link to yours! Thanks a million for the cute ideas, keep 'em coming!

  6. I just opened the doors to my new business--selling little girl hair bows. I'm sending out promotional packages (aka free bows) to help get the word out. A friend of mine...who LOVES your blog...recommended sending one to you. If you are interested in receiving bows in exchange for a shout out on your site send me an email at And visit my site


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