I did something that I hope helps--- and gets a giggle too. If you don't understand the name it is backwards written backwards. So yes this is the take out of my star hair do from yesterday. I thought maybe it would help anyone that got confused without my step by step. I thought of taking pictures after I had already taken out the bobby pins. You didn't miss much. So here you have your star. So the last step before you make the bun is the pony tail.
Take out your ribbon- or putting it in... that is confusing. I am just going to go through the take out process, just reverse this to put it in.
You have your finished product before ribbon.
If you take out the main pony tail in back this is what you have... a bunch of single ponytails from your star lines.
This is how it looks as a close up to the separated pony tails divided and combined to make your star legs.
I used braids, but you can wist or whatever.
These are the bottom pig tails and where they are placed.
Taken out.
Side pony-- uses a big part of your hair.
And this is the one your start with right on top.
And this is all the kinks and waves and curls that this hair style created - kinda funky!
Okay--- no more backwards- that throws me for a loop!!!
What about you are you more confused now of did that help at all.
If nothing else you can laugh at what a goof I am!

Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Oh my gosh - you are a creative GENIUS girl!!! I was so sad yesterday when I saw your cute 'do and realized that of course I can "dumb it down" but not "cute it up". I was so sad!!!! I'll just print this post off and take it into the bathroom with me!!!!! It's adorable and we'll be rocking it on the Fourth for sure!


  2. WOW! Thanks for giving me someting to do with my lil sis's hair on the fourth! We both love your blog! She loves picking hairstyles out for me to do on her hair!Can't wait for the fourth!

  3. I LOVE second-day hairdo's... I think moms do not recognize that one 20-minute hairdo can create a secondary hairdo for 2-3 days. How cool is that? Thanks for sharing!

    Adopt a 'Do - Cute Girls Hairstyles

  4. great back-wards post! I am not 'hair-smart' so I was struggling with how to split the 5, baraid them, combined them again and get the star pattern... I was missing that step where you combined the legs BEFORE you made the ponytail. THANKS for this clairifing post. I'll bet you could have posted the pics backwards and mostly we would never have known it was you taking the hair down... have to try that next time you want to post directions after the fact! Anyhow - biig thanks here!


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