Photo Free Friday

You guys ready for a challenge?
Me too.

Todays Challenge- should you choose to accept it is to follow a hair tutorial PHOTO FREE!!!
Are you up for the challenge?

One you have completed this challenge
two post it to your own blog and
three come add your link to my Mcklinky at the
bottom of this post so that everyone
else can see what everyone came up with.

Step 1. Start with clean strait hair use your normal off centered part. Do not exaggerate your part like we do for some of our hair do's.

Step 2. If your part is on the right side of the head you are going to do a side braid down the front part of her face end it at about the temple. Stop adding hair at this point. So you are not going all the way to her ear. This can be any kind of braid. French braid, Fish bone braid, Twist... They all work.

Step 3. Braid it down to the end of the hair and secure with a rubber band. You now should have one braid across the front part of the head where you would have bangs if you had bangs.

Step 4. Part down the back of the hair with a zig-zag part and divide the hair in half for pig tails.

Step 5. Pull the left side together into your first pig tail. This side will include your braid. Secure it with a rubber band.

Step 6. Pull your right side into a pig tail. This one will have no braid.

Step 7. Rat the hair from both pig tails and spray with hair spray.

Step 8. Round out the hair evenly over the entire pony tail on each side to make a messy bun. And secure with either bobby pins or another rubber band. This will make it a big poofy messy bun rather then just a regular messy bun.

That is it. I did a really easy one for this first time too see how everyone likes this idea. Thanks to those of you who follow Girly Do Hair Styles on Facebook for helping me to do this. If you haven't signed up as a follower you are missing some great thoughts and comments from those who are already over there.

Remember to add your link after you have posted what you come up with so everyone can come check out what you came up with.


  1. What great fun! I did one and will have to take some pics.

  2. Jenn,

    Did you see my post that showed the bun you taught me for Taylors dance thing. It got rave reviews! Check it out if you havent already.

    Thanks so much! Your the best.

    Have a great weekend!

    Love and Prayers,



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