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I just got back from vacation to San Diego--- it was a quick weekend thing, but it was so fun. Eighty degrees was the high. Then we came back here and were in the hundreds--- blah! It was a quick reminder of how much I hate hot weather and what it does to your hair. Making it all sweaty and gross on your neck--- Up do's and summer go hand-in-hand when its that hot. So I needed a quick up do that could easily be done in about five minutes. This is what we came up with.

**HINT** I didn't ask "The Mom" at Babes in Hairland if I could do this, but she will totally forgive me because she loves me---- she asked the question on her blog to guess where she went on her trip and I am tipping you off that she and I were looking at the same ocean at the same time. Just a little hint. That narrows it down anyways right. And no we were not in the same place---- so that is two hints.Okay this is so simple.
Start with a pony tail with just the top section of hair about as wide as the forehead is and just to the back of the head where it starts to curve.
Secure with your rubber band.
Now take from the one side just at the front a section of hair that you will divide into three equal parts.
Twist those three parts the same direction.
And secure them on the opposite side of the starting middle pony tail.
Do the same on the other side but weave in and out with the hairs in the middle before securing with your pony tail on the other side. Now you have your three pony tails and you could easily leave it be and call this the do. But the idea for me was to get it off her neck.
So we pulled it into a pony tail. And flipped it then put in another rubber band too keep it up off her neck. And we are done. That is perfect for running around and not dealing with a soaked neck from the hot summer temperatures.

Happy Summer---- Stay cool!


  1. Oh, I like this. I love just simply twisting the hair like that. Very cute.

  2. So cute love it we will be trying this one too!

  3. How cute is that! I have ridiculously long hair and I think it would be so much fun to try some of your updos, as soon as I convince my hubby to help me since I know I'll need help. Your girls are adorable! Nice to meet you via SIS!

  4. Oh, I think I might be able to do the top part in Alex's short hair... cute!

  5. You made it look so easy! I have never seen that hairstyle but I really like it.

  6. Oh! And I appreciate your support for Positive Day SO much!!

  7. I am new to the cool hair thing, but you have made it look so easy. My 2 girls are going to love this one! Thanks!

  8. I did this on To cool for hair and she loved it! so did her friends! thanks

  9. I love the idea! I think I am going to wear my hair like this tomorrow.


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