Baby A and her Head Band

This is baby A. She's my seven month old niece. She came and hung out with me the other day while her mom and big sister went to the amusement park. Since I've been asked before about little baby hair idea's I took the long day we had together to also think of all of you reading Girly Do's and do a tutorial. So above is the before the make over picture. She totally doesn't need a thing to be any cuter. But we are going to add an accessory and try.

Long before Girly Do's and all of Beans hair I had a very bald baby beans. And she was almost one before she had any hair. And at eighteen months I was able to pull together my first two pig tails. So I know what it feels like to work with no hair. So what I did was made a ton of headbands. In all different varieties. So this is a tutorial on my very simple baby headband.
To make a ribbon head band you will need to find a fabric store that sells a stretchy lace. It is generally for intimates and I don't find mine at any big box store. The only place I have found mine is at the mom and pop type fabric stores. It comes in all widths and all colors. Its great! You can use it all as the head band or add ribbon like I will be doing for this head band.
Check this out.
It stretches and makes for a comfortable fit on babies head.
This is some of the ribbon I used to make Beans some of her first head bands. I am still toting it around and since I love it so much I am using it for a cute head band for baby A.
Using a piece of string measure babies head where you plan on the head band sitting.
Cut it where you pinched on top.
And you have your size for your head band without trying to fight with baby to hold still.
Using your string cut your ribbon to about 90% to 95% the length of the string.
The remaining amount you will cut your stretchy lace to make up for the difference. If it is a little longer that is okay.
You could sew this together or you can just use your hot glue. You are going to make a bunch of these and who cares if it wears out after 20 or 30 uses making these is cheep and easy. Make a ton. You can seal your ribbon edging with a lighter if you want.
Dab with your hot glue.
Attach the elastic lace and let it dry.
Making sure it ends up in a complete circle glue the other side.
And you have a head band.
And little blue eyes has a girly touch while she waits for her hair to get long enough to style. Which as you can tell she is getting close.
Thank you baby A.


  1. So cute. Cool to finally see her - she's a doll. I've always sewn mine together, so the hot glue is much quicker!

  2. awwww man how cute is that - I miss those baby days!

  3. How sweet! That almost makes me with I had a baby girl....almost.

  4. she is adorable, I love her! oxxox

  5. We're BlogFrog community leaders together and I'm stopping by to check out you blog. What a neat idea to make a headband! My daughter doesn't have a lot of hair and this would be neat for her. Not sure if she'd actually keep it in but it might be worth a try!

  6. What a cute blog! I wish I had this blog when my girls were little. My seventeen year old still likes to do her hair in lots of different styles, so I might have her stop by!

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. It'll be fun getting to know one another through the BlogFrog Community Leader program!


  7. I am so glad to see this b/c I do not sew! :) I will have to find some stretchy lace. My lady is losing all her newborn hair.

  8. I have been wondering if you could use those stretchy headbands on babies with hair, or if they were only for babies without hair! My

  9. These really cute baby girl headbands, I definitely give it a try. It’s really easy to make as because you use glue


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