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My Lovely husband went out of town for work today taking with him the family car. His truck broke down last weekend and while it was a simple fix they broke a part in the process that is a special order part. Its going to take a few days to get it in. So since I am here and I still have a few to post I thought I may as well set up for a few to post over the next few weeks so I can work on my other projects. I know I said I was taking off for the summer, but then I got the blogher ad's on my page and I now have to post weekly anyways, so I guess my vacation is over. Bummer. Just kidding I LOVE THIS PLACE!So the question was asked about swimming hair do's. And while I am no expert on the subject I do have my thoughts about swimming hair do's.
1. NO hair spray. It is destined to go right in the eyes and cause irritation. So don't use hair spray when you plan on going swimming.
2. Keep the front part tight and do whatever with the rest. That way it stays out of her eyes.
3. SUNSCREEN on the parts! We had the cutest little gal when I was a preschool teacher that got cancer on top of her head in her hair. Her mom was diligent about putting on sunscreen but didn't think about the hair line as a place to worry about. Well she got cancer. So I can't tell you enough to use sunscreen in the hair. Especially on the part lines where the sun is sure to expose.
That's it as far as my own thoughts on the swimming do's and summer hair in general with number three especially!
Start with wet hair on this one or at least dampen the hair.
Part out a long rectangle at the very top. Short across the forehead and long going towards the back of the hair. Divide that into two parts.
Now focusing on the half in your left hand. (the other I have set down with a clip holding it for me) Start with the hair held high. You are going to twist this strand clockwise or in towards the other half of hair you have parted out.
As you twist the hair with tighten to the head. This is why I say to do this with wet hair BTW-- it makes the twist so much tighter and cleaner looking. And since you aren't using hair spray you can really only get that by starting wet.Nice and tight against the head. Twist it tight and then you will do the same with the hair on the right side.With the already twisted knot held tight in your left hand hold on to your other strand of hair and start twisting it counter clockwise. Or in towards the other strand of hair.See how both of them have been twisted inwards.Now secure with a rubber band. Don't twist the rubber band in to tight. As we all know the effects of rubber bands and chlorine. Yes it can cause breaking in hair. So keep rubber bands loose to help prevent this.Do as many as you want. Three was a happy number for us.At this point you can do whatever you want. A pony tail, a piggy tail, leave it down... it doesn't matter. I like to pull it back and then after swimming have the option to take out the pony tail or pig tail and have a cute down do after the swim leaving the knots up top in place. Great for amusement parks.We pig tailed it up and threw in some Knot Heads just for the look of that hair accessory and we called it good.
Ready to go swimming now! This is a hair do I do often because it is so quick and I have done it here before under a head band. It holds those front hair fly aways and keeps them maintained. Just what you need for a good swim do.


  1. So do you have any tips on applying sunscreen on the parts without making the hair all greasy looking?? \


  2. Darling. Lately I've been loving the 2 pigtail look in any style! Very fun.

  3. My little girl started swimming lessons, and we've been having a hard time finding good holding do's we'll give this one a try :)

  4. For swimming we are all about basics. Things without parts such as a simple ponytail, bun,braid, or even french braid. This way I don't have to worry about spraying the suncreen on top of her hair as well as on the rest of her bod :)

  5. I love, love, love this style! I just did this today with my girl and sent you some photos. It took a bit longer than my usual quick ponies, but it was completely worth it. Thanks!

  6. Aw, cute Jenn! I really like this one. That's too bad about the little girl with cancer, how sad!

  7. Very cute! Will have to try this on my 10 year old. Casey, use spray-on sunscreen (we use the Neutrogena kids one). It won't look greasy at all.

  8. Very cute! Will have to try this on my 10 year old. Her hair is very curly, though, so hopefully, it'll work. Casey, if you use spray-on sunscreen it won't be greasy at all. We use the Neutrogena Kids waterproof one and it works great.


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