Summer Sun

So the question was raised about the best way to apply sunscreen in the hair. And I have to tell you that I know of no way to apply it without the hair getting greasie--- but who cares apply it anyways. Other wise throw on a cute hat. Hats aren't just for winter you know. There are some very cute spring hats out there. This is one of our favorites and it stays on, it is light weight and right now it is on sale!
Its from All Things Ribbon and she is having a huge birthday discount right now.
Get this...
Her Birthday and her daughters are on the same birthday. So they combined there age and are giving you the benefit of there combined age. 51% off EVERYTHING!!!! So if there was ever a time to go buy from All Things Ribbon its right now through the 15th 12 pm MST just type "Birthday Bash" at check out for you 51% off.


  1. Wow! She is adorable., and I know I've said this before but....I love your photography! Your pictures are so clean and vibrant!

  2. Super cute things on that site! And the summer hat idea is great...

  3. The spray sunscrean works the best and it's so easy to get the part and the back of their neck! Love the hats too. My daughter wears one all the time!

  4. awesome awesome deal at all things ribbon! i went and got some stuff! i LOVE that site and i'm excited about my cute hair stuff. :) make sure when you put in the code you type BirthdayBash all together--no space. it would not work for me at first-and then i figured out there shouldnt be a space.

  5. I've been using a sunscreen stick to apply sunscreen in the parts of my girl' hair as well as their noses and tips of ears. It's far easier to use just where you want it and it comes in a chapstick type applicator.

  6. I do the spray sunscreen too. You don't have to use too much, and it saves the cute little heads from strange scalp tan/burn lines!

  7. HI Jenn.
    I found it easiest to use the water babies sunscreen stick in the parts and on the ears and face. My daughters both itch with regular sunscreen on their faces and I found that the stick eliminates that. Hope this helps :)

  8. Such a great deal from All Things Ribbon! I can't wait for my order and I can't believe how much I saved! Thanks! Love your blog it helps so much with my 3 little girls!!! :)


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