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All right--- so I can't keep up with all the cool in stuff like the other hair blogger's. I talked about Twitting, and I can't do it. I have Girly Do's Gives and I can't keep up. I know there are some hair blogger's that are willing to put in the extra work of doing Twitter and going to those sites to load up on followers and stuff, but I can't do it. I am having a hard enough time just trying to post all the hair do's I already have shot, not to mention the new stuff I am working on shooting. So forgive me. I am going to give my shout outs here and I am moving my "Gives" site stuff over here mostly on my side bar. You can watch for that over the next few days. I finally got all the old hair styles linked as thumb prints on the side. I am missing a few of my newest, but I feel pretty accomplished! And I like how that looks.

Anyways---- let me update you on stuff going on around the web. First of all there is only a few more days left to enter Sugar and Spices Giveaway. And if you want in on Flowers and Bows you need to click her link now- her giveaway ends tonight. So go there if you are wanting free-bee's! Next there is a giveaway of hair things at a new Kid Friendly...Mommy Approved site that you may want to look at. And there is a new idea in bows with The Bow of the Month Club. Such a different concept to hair bowing. We've needed something unique like this for a while haven't we. So go check out those cool kids. And if you are doing anything hair related feel free to let me know and I will try and share the news with my readers. Still follow me on Twitter if you are a twitterer---- because I may still have live giveaways to twit about. Okay on to this cute little do... Links as Pig tails--- I know you are so excited right?
Start by securing and dividing the hair for your pigs.
Next section out a piece near the front. I go from the corner of the part where the forehead is and angle back towards the back and I go about three fingers above the ear and to the same thing. Parting kind of a triangle out.
To get this to hold all day you will need to use hair spray. More then I generally like to use, but this is cute--- its worth it. So spray down the part you parted out and you are going to spray more every time you add hair into your loop.
Once coated with hair spray divide in half.
You will do your fist knot by crossing the hair one over the other.
Tuck the one that was on top through the loop. Yes this is a basic knot. If you can tie a shoe you can tie hair.
Pull it through and yank it tight.
From here you are going to take some of the down hair from the left and add it to the left section of hair and from the right added to the right section of hair.
It may be hard to tell but that was divided and this is the picture of it added. Remember you are adding hair pray to hold down fly away hairs here. Yes this is the point you want to take care of that.
Now it is just this easy. Do another knot and keep it loose. Do this over and over again until you are where you want to call it good. You should still have some hair down use this to finish the pony tail and anchor your links.
So pretty.
Repeat on the other side and you will have your pig tails.
Add a cheesy smile and you are good to go!!!


  1. Darling. I'm with you on the twitter & other stuff. I just can't do it -- I'm struggling to keep up too! Love this do btw!

    1. I tried twitter too...just not like I failed at it. Love these styles..I try to do my daughters hair different every day..needed some new ideas. Cant wait to try one of yours tomorrow! Thanks!

  2. I totally don't get Twitter... ??? Am I just too old or too boring or what? Not sure. I'm over it though. Facebook is a different story. :)

    Jenn - this is ADORABLE, ADORABLE, ADORABLE. I totally want to do it!!!! I wish, however, that you were close to me so that I could just show up on your front door step with my spray bottle and comb and have you SHOW me how to do it. I'm so stinking lame. I think I got this one though.

    Thanks for the time that you spend on this blog and seriously - thanks for turning up to support me on the Clickin Moms thing. You are the cream of the crop, my friend.


  3. ♥ Very cute!!! Although I don't think I've ever not seen a cute picture of her! :)

  4. I want to thank you SO much for linking all your hairstyles on the side bar...that has helped me SO VERY MUCH when I'm looking for a specific style but can't remember the date or whatever. Beautiful little girl and as always creative hairdos as well!! ;)

  5. This is so cool - I found you from Raising Olives. My 6 girls and I have long hair - I am going to be spending lots of time trying out some of these cute styles! I'm going to try this one right now before we go outside...

  6. I LOVE your blog, and this is one the cutest summer do's I've seen in a long time. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. I forgot about this one. Haven't done it on my little girl for awhile now. This one will be the next one we do. Thanks for inspiring me AGAIN with it. :)

  8. This one is super cute, but I couldnt get the hair to stay at all... so needless to say I had to do a different hairdo

  9. I LOVE LOVE this cute due, but for some reason I am technically challenged when it comes to keeping each section nice and neat. I keep trying, but it end up a mess and not nearly as perfect and cute as yours. I know it's silly, but if you have others needing it, could you please do a video? It just helps me sometimes to see it in action. Thanks for the inspiration, I have copied many many of your "do's" and we love them!

  10. So cute! I can't wait to try this!!!



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