Happy Fourth

I love the forth of July and its only four days away! Waaa-who!
So as much as I wish I had a tutorial on this one- I don't my camera died as I was doing Beans hair this morning so all you get is the end results. But it is pretty simple what I did. If you simplify my "Got Time" hair do and and dumb it down two notches and then doll it up about three you will end up with this hair do.1. Start with a pony tail on top. All of the pony tails are your points so think of that while you are working on placement of your pony tails.
2. Do your two side pony tails
3. Your bottom pony tails will be put in last.
4. You will divide each of the pony tails in half and then combine them in the middle. You can braid these or twist them or add ribbon to them before you combine them for added flare.
5. combine all the remaining hair into a pony tail and finish it with a messy bun or whatever kind you like, That way you can see the whole star. Guess what-- it looks fabulous even left as a ponytail, but we wanted to hide the star a little and keep it more subtle.

That is it- really it is that easy- I think you can do this one without the tutorial if you are wanting to use this for your Forth Of July Celebration. Or--- as we plan to do--- using it during shape week at school in Kindergarten. How fun will that be? We have hearts and stars for Kindergarten!

Happy Independence Day!
Heres a side shot.
Front view wish a side if cheese!


  1. So adorable! Definately going to try it!


  2. Please forgive my blondeness, but how do you get the inner points? do you connect 2 together and then in the middle? if you just divide in half and then combine in the middle it wouldn't work. Thanks for posting this, I really want to do it for the 4th! Super cute!

  3. Sooo Cute...I am doing a blog post linking to your page!! ; )

  4. I love this one. Sorry your camera died. Darling GF!

  5. I have been away for a little while but I am GOING TO DO this one. I will even send a pic if I can!! I was able to manange to do a heart on V-day so this should be easy, right??

  6. I love it! We did a practice run today and my daughter thought it was so cool! I can't wait to do it again on Saturday.

  7. Please keep this site I want to try these cute hair do's.....

  8. Tried it w/o re-reading the tutorial and added extra ponies because i didn't see how the inner points would show w/o them but will try again tomorrow w/o. This will look so cute on my daughter for this weekends wedding! I followed this blog awhile ago when I was blogging alot. We both kinda dropped off the blogging world about the same time. SO glad you came back! Love your ideas!!! Thanks!


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