50's Do

Today's hair do has been brought to you by: Swine Flu... if your going to be sick why not get the latest with the most TV air time. Yeah- my son has swine flu giving us extra time at home to catch up on posting things like this hair do. This is really simple, but so cute. I've done it at least a dozen times in the last month.
Start with your part.
Take out a section from the front for your big over the top single curl on top. Take this section of hair and spray it with hair spray. SPRAY IT. If you don't use hair spray on this one it will totally flop.
Now starting on the top part of this hair flip it back to start your curl.
And curl it. Imagine playing air guitar, but with an air curler in there. (ha ha) That's a joke...
Keep rolling it..
Until at the top of the head.
Then use your bobby pins to secure the curl. Anchor it using the X technique.
Now take out a piece of hair right below the curl working on the same side. Don't cross over your starting part. And twist this hair just a little.
Then make a loop and use bobby pins to hold this in place.
So you should have your big curl on top and a nice simple loop below it. And a big gap between the two. We are going to fill that gap at the end of the hair do.
Zig-zag part the back and pull it into pig tails. Low ones.
Now take a little bit of the hair that is in the pony tail and use this to give it a fun finish.
Twist it around and around until you have just a little piece left.
At the end you are going to use a rubber band to secure it nice and tight. You should use clear if you have it. The idea here is to not see the rubber band. Cinch it over the rubber band and check it out.
Cute isn't it. And there are a few fly aways. They don't bother me.
And you don't even see the part of the hair that is tucked underneath from wrapping it around the pony tail.
Do you see that left down hair? If you look hard you can.
Now this is so cute--- we added this fun Fourth of July Flair from Flowers and Bows. You know what I LOVE about this cute little star bow. It's different then your usual red, white and blue bows everywhere else. Its darling!
And this is what you have.
She was being as cheesy as she could the day we shot this. She's a goof-ball!
Thank you Flowers and Bows!!!


  1. This is a gorgeous 'do! I just love the huge curl in the front! Adorable :)

  2. Loooove it! Glad you reshot this (or is this not the one?!) Hugs to you and your swine flu! :)

  3. Ya, my family also has the swine flu and now, lots of time on our hands to do, hmmmm, anything that's at home. I, unlike you, go on hair strike when the family is sick, but I really love this cute style. Get better!

  4. That really does look 60ish, how cute! I'm wondering if my little guy has the swine flu too. I've heard it's all over this state we live in and he's been sicky. Hope you all feel better soon.

  5. I hate to say it, but yea for the swine flu. Finally something good comes out of being sick. we get more cute do's from Jen! (sorry, I don't mean to be selfish, I really hope your little guy gets better soon) BUT I am in love with this do! SUPER CUTE!!

  6. very cute.

    Hope you all stay healthy and your little guy is on the mend :)


  7. Hey I just wanted to say I hope your son gets better fast! I also hope the momma isn't too stressed. =)

    The hair do is fantastic too - you make it look so easy!

  8. this is a very cute Victory roll, I do this in my daughter's hair as well as mine all the time, but then again we dress rockabiily and pin up ;)

  9. So lovely and gorgeous 1950s hair do .I must share this amazing post to spread the nice information about 1950 haircuts ,


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