I joined Twitter--- Despite protesting it as being lame and pointless. I think I am starting to "get it". I think if I use it to post about updates and different things that find there way into my posts for all the hair bow people out there with different sales and stuff that are quick blurbs about Girly Do's. I think if you are wanting to know the different sales, giveaways or the occasional thought of, "Boy I sure wish I knew what Jenn from Girly Do's was eating right now..." Yeah it'll all be there. Just kidding about that last one. Although that was pretty much what I thought Twitter was all about when I first heard about it. So if you twitter and want the inside info on free-bees, giveaways and discounts that are hair related I will be updating that information over at Tweeter. Click on the bird and make me your twitter friend. There are some great deals I have already posted about over there.
Deals is giving you free shipping on all orders over $10
Wonder Woman Creations is making and selling the curlers that I make... and she is pumping them out and finishing them much faster then I am. And the material is to die for Oh yeah and she is giving a set away right now and you can go enter in her giveaway here.
Pigs and Ponies giveaway is on its last few days and you still can enter her giveaway.
I will be dropping deals like these and you can ask me questions a little easier over there without that annoying "No reply-commenter" issue popping up. So go over there now and be a Girly Do Follower. If you are having a deal you want me to link feel free to email me still at girlydos(at)hotmail(dot)com or you can tweet it to me.

And YES that means I will be linking that stuff over at Tweeter and not here on my own website.

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