Side Pony #3

This one is higher then the other two were. It had to be. And I think I am sold that for a high one FOR SURE you have to put it into a bun. And I wanted to try out the sock trick again. So many people commented that I could secure it with a rubber band and not have to use all the bobby pins. So I wanted to try it.And I am to the point that if you are going to be doing a side pony it is a must to have it in a head band too. It looks much better to me. So thank you Every Little Detail for giving me these head bands and bows. They made the side pony tail work for me.For this one start with your normal part.Divide out a rectangle and divide it in half to twist. Follow this tutorial. Do a few on the right side of the part and then move on to the left side of the part. As you are doing the left go back farther so you can have them closer to where you will be putting your pony tail in place.
When you are doing a lopsided pony tail the WHOLE hair style has to be lopsided.
So don't sweat the details here, just make sure and make 'em lopsided.See how the ones on the left go father back on the back of the head. Yup-- no accident. Now we are using that sock again.
Only thing is we are throwing in a rubber band around it instead of the bobby pins like the first time we did this. **For me** this left it not as tight as doing it with bobby pins and it fell out a lot faster and loosened up quicker. You could see the sock more and it wasn't as well covered, but if I had a sock that would have blended more with her hair I think it would have been fine.
I like the loose hairs so I curled them the same way as I did last time. I like that look- what can I say!
Hair bows can be placed low when you do a high bun. And I like that about this hair do. Again this feathery bow--- which gets compliments every time she wears it was from Every Little Detail.
And this is a front view. Hope you have enjoyed the side pony tail--- don't be expecting more anytime soon. Three days worth is all I can handle! Just kidding!


  1. Still lovin' it. Side pony or not - I love it!

  2. That is very cute, as always :)! I love the way the bun looks when you use the sock. I am trying to figure out how to do that with my daughters hair without the whispy parts being too long.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions :)


  3. My favorite of the three.

  4. Your daughter is soooo darling!!! Thanks for sharing the hairstyles!!!


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