Side Pony #1

I had to approach this whole hair do with a different view then I usually do. I had to use my photographer POV (Point of View) and perspective to try and make the side pony tail work for me. There is a term called leading lines that is supposed to help draw attention to a certain point in a picture. So I was trying to use leading lines to draw the attention to the side pony tail and to not make me focus on how off balanced the side pony tail looks. So I used fish bone braids turned side ways to give some leading lines. Why fish bone braids? I thought that a loose braid would be more subtle then a regular braid. So I kept it simple so as to not be over baring.
You will first need to divide the hair in half. Top half and bottom half. Secure the top half out of your way.
Starting your braid over the side of the ear will make it run side ways rather than tall. Use this tutorial on Fish Bone braids.
Once you are done secure it and work on your top braid following the same tutorial.
Combine the two and add in your accessories. These are from Every Little Detail. I like using these because I think the head band makes this a hair style I can handle and the bow is just darling. Although--- I did find that the head band wasn't staying in Beans hair super well. I eventually figured it out though and was able to keep it in her hair. I had to throw in the bow to the front to anchor it down and it was so cute, but I didn't snap a picture of it. Still darling though.
See how cute that head band made this look. And the shorts she is wearing (Patting myself on the back) I made those out of an old pair of jeans that were covered in holes in her knees. It has a very cute belt that matched the cuff. So fun to be a girl! Notice how the side pony tail brings out the crazies in her! She's nuts!
And adorable all in one!

Does this make the side pony better for you? It did for me. I like it. Also giveaway at Pigs and Ponies if you want in on the action head over there now.


  1. Thanks for the hout out, Jenn! I love th loose look on the side pony!

  2. Very different & pretty. Complete cuteness with the craziness in her eyes! :)

  3. She is this hairdo!! Thanks and I love your website!!

  4. Does this stay in her hair good, after a full day of hard play? Just wondering...

  5. You have the cutest model there!
    I wonder if it stayed on all day, just like the previews comment.

  6. By the end of the day it did loosen up a bit. Sometimes that looks really bad, but for this do it didn't bother me. It was very little and it looked like it was on purpose. Fly aways aren't always bad--- right?

  7. I don't suppose anyone on here has suggestions for cute ethnic hair styles?


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