A note to the others out there....

When I went to a .com rather then a blogger.com I lost all of the blogs I had under my hair hair hair tab on my side bar. So when I went back to add them I was noticing how a lot of the hair blogs aren't updating anymore. So to be more helpful to the reader I decided to only keep the ones that were updating. All of the hair blogs I know about are under my places to go tab up at the top. Clearly I am rearranging and simplifying things around here so give me a day or two and I should have all my hair do's on the side bar and all the links caught up and working. I am starting from the back and working my way forward from old posts. So bare with me if I don't post anything new until the end of the week. And I have got new ones... new ones that you will love for sure.


  1. Good idea. Lovin all the new changes around here!

  2. I can't wait to try some of these. I love fun hairstyles!!

  3. I'm loving the pics of all your dos on the side!

  4. Oooh, you're a .com, how exciting! :) Excited to see your new do's and all the fun changes you're making!

  5. EEK! I would really love to be added to your list, but i have been in and out of the hospital because i am very very sick, and so i don't get to see my nieces as often, or have no desire to do hair then... but, my link is
    email me back, mypurplecircle at gmail dot com

  6. The site is looking good! I love the adorable pictures on the side-I must say you have an adorable subject to take pictures of :)


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