My Favorite Five for...

Cinco de Mayo!!! So it has nothing to do with the holiday itself, but I wanted to flash back to a few of my favorites. If you click the picture you will be taken right to the tutorial for each of these do's. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Do you do anything fun for Cinco De Mayo?
We usually have a special dinner that is all Mexican food.


  1. I love these!! Happy Cinco de Mayo!! You are way talented!!

  2. Always lovely hairdos! I totally forgot its Cinco de Mayo - gotta figure something Mexican for dinner!


  3. I love these! My favs are the heart and X marks the spot one. They are so pretty! I love how all your pictures are all nice and pretty and framed my pics are terrible lol.

    Happy Cinco De Mayo!


  4. Your favorites are great! Today is our wedding anniversary, and every year, without fail, we go out to eat at our favorite restaurant (Carlos O'Kelly's) and cannot figure out WHY it is so busy...always slips our minds! ;)

  5. I probably would have picked all the same ones if I were picking from your blog! Hope your mexican food was tasty -- and that YOU were able to enjoy it too :).

  6. Love all 5! We had nachos for lunch. Not on purpose though-total coincidence! Have a great day!

  7. Thank you! The last one shown will be perfect for today's nueve de Mayo dance recital. (Let's hope I have numbers in Spanish right! LOL)


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