French Twist

I looked around a bit--- not super deep digging, but I looked to see if any of the other hair bloggers had done the French Twist. I was shocked. I didn't see anyone had done it. And this is one of my most favorite quick hair do's. It holds up so well, and on days it gets loose hairs it seems to flow and look beautiful! It just works. It is one of my favorite. And when I got a package from Flowers and Bows with this big bow in it I had to do it justice and put it in this beautiful hair do.
On this one I wanted it tight. So I did it on right out of the bath tub wet hair. You can do it on lightly dampened and even dry hair and all of the end results are different. Very wet generally means very tight.
Having it this wet made it look very shiny- That generally bothers me in these tutorials, but its not too bad. Hopefully it doesn't distract to much. From here you smooth the hair into a pony tail holding close to the ends and not close to the root. Start twisting the hair.
Fold the hair up as you are still twisting.
Twist twist twist... and make this tight!
Now comes the real trick--- securing this so it holds. WITHOUT just clipping a huge ugly over sized clip in the hair. This is the real way to hold a pretty French twist. Get out your bobby pins. Use your fingers to hold the bobby pin with its prongs slightly parted and jab it into the twist. Just insert the fist little part into that area. We are going to pull this to the side and shove it in. This just gets more to hold then just the loose ends near the crown.
Start twisting the bobby pin towards the inner side of the twist so that you can shove that bobby pin underneath and hide it.
SHOVE that bad boy it. Make sure you are doing it at an angle and not actually trying to shove this into her skull. If you want to make her scream I guess now would be chance. And if you are that mean... let me know so I can come to your house and bully you some time! Just kidding, but be kind to that little head. If you ever want to do her hair again insert at an angle. 'nuf said!
One more time. Use that bobby pin slightly parted so that you can shove it into the center and get it to grab some of those good in the middle section hairs. They make good anchors that way.Pull that bobby pin and all that hair nice and tight to the area that we use to secure and hide these bobby pins.Push it in and hide the holding evidence. Do this several times with several bobby pins. And the more you can make your bobby pins cross over each other the better. They anchor to each other when they cross over and hold tight too. In the past I have called this using an X pattern. It is harder in this style, but not impossible.Once secured you have these hairs on top to take care of. At this point you could curl them up all pretty, tuck 'em in or whatever. I rolled mine and bobby pinned them into place to keep this sleek and simple. Nothing over the top I knew the bow I was using was going to give it all the "UMPH" this hair style needed.See simple. But you can really make this as fancy as you want.Throw on that bow and this is how it plays up from a frontal view.If you want to finish this with a bow like this you will have to pick it up from Flowers and Bows
you can find all kind of goodies over there. So go say hello!


  1. This is an adorable style! I never thought to do a french twist on my girls. I will have to try this for church this week - hopefully M has enough hair to do it!


  2. I've never dared do one in my girls hair because I was afraid they wouldn't stay! Dumb I know, but it's true. Did yours hold real well all day?

  3. Oh, and of course -it looks great. Love the bow too.

  4. Thats pretty! I haven't done the French Twist on my daughter because I could never get it to hold up on her. Maybe I didn't do the bobby pins enough lol. My daughter is very hyper and ALWAYS moving lol. I am gonna try it again though.


  5. I'm totally shocked too! That's crazy with all these hair blogs not one of us has posted a french twist! It looks adorable on Beans.

  6. This is great someone posted a french twist hair do. Just last week I was searching for one and ended up on some strange wedding site that had a video for doing this hair, except her way was very hard. We'll try it this way next time- thanks!

  7. Beans is soooo cute, I can't wait to try this on my lil' one.. especially since it is always easier for me to do her hair while it is damp.. oxxoo

  8. this looks sooo pretty! im thinking i will need a TON of bobby pins:)

  9. I am going to try this on the lil one for my cousin's Wedding!! :) Wish me luck!


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