Double Twist

Changes around Girly Do's. I can't help it. I am just having fun with things and trying to simplify finding things. So if you look over to the side you will start seeing pictures like this one above of finished hair do's. And if you click on it you will find yourself right at the tutorial. It doesn't get much easier then that. So lets re-do this do.
Start with just a small section of hair near the front temple. Don't start at the ear. Leave that hair for your second twist.
Divide the hair into two parts and twist them individually clockwise.
When you twist them together you are going to twist counter clock wise. Just start with one twist. Then we will add our next hair into the twist.
Take what you would add and skip it so you leave some hair down for your second twist. Then part out a new section of hair...
Add it into the already twisted hair and twist it in. Again when you twist the individual strands of hair you are twisting clockwise.
Twist the entire twist counter clockwise to work your twist.
Skip a stand or hair and then part out a new section of hair to add it. And continue until you are at the back of the head. Secure with a rubber band and repeat on the other side.

Now for the one that is underneath or the second twist you will take the chunk close to the ear that you left out.

Twist them individually clockwise and together clock wise just like we did for the first one.
Take the strands you left down between hair added from the first twist and work them into your bottom twist.
Twist them together and work your way to the back.
Once you are in the back and you have your two twists you want to secure them all together in one rubber band.

And add your flower or bow or whatever you want to add and finish this look off. This was the one we did for Beans end of the year school picture. She looked so beautiful!

Happy Mothers Day!!!


  1. ♥ Beautiful! I love this do! :)

  2. Every time I see this one, I get excited to try it! This time, I'll have to actually do it:) It is so pretty!

  3. I love it!!
    I am not good with the twists but I'll try it.

  4. Gorgeous - now I need to get my hot little hands on one of those bows!

  5. Love this one. So beautiful. Love how shiny & sleek Bean's hair is.

  6. LOVE IT! What a perfect hair style for school pictures - or even church - or a princess tea-party (according to my M).

    We will be trying this one!


  7. I absolutely LOVE it! I think it is my fav so far. I can't wait until my daughters hair is long enough for me to try on her!!!

  8. I can't wait to show my daughters your site!! They are really into this! Stopped by from sits. Love your site.
    Leslie, the cleaning coach

  9. This is awesome! It is adorable but also sophisticated. I'm absolutely going to try this with my own hair today...

  10. yes it is gorgeous. Now, if our candidate for the lovely do would just sit still without having a total hissy long enough to get the brush thru it. by the time it is gone thru everyone is totally exhausted. we have tried every product on the market and some suggested home "brews"
    and have yet to have anything successful.


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