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I am still not here, but I have to dump my pictures on to disk so I can have more space on my hard drive. So I am going to give you the last few hair do's I already have shoot and then it is off to work for Jenn! BUT FIRST---- I don't know if you have been over to Girly Do's Gives yet, but I have been trying to get some fabulous ladies to give up some hair and donate it to a great cause. Well I am so excited to have got an email from Crissie that she donated hers. I went and checked out here pictures on her blog and loved what I saw! She is so cool. She also has something else cool going on over at her blog. You know I also have a special place in my heart for Photography. Well she is a member of a group that can help you with your photography and gives you tips and help and (I believe) is a photography chat group. I am joining it once I get paid this week. Here's the catch for your guys. If you go to her sight and click on the link and join she gets credit for it and can earn nsome pretty great stuff. Her husband is out of work right now and the family is relying on her mad photography skills to pay the bills---> so if we went and signed up I think this would help her get a better camera and not to mention all the other things she could earn along the way and maybe sell for money for her family. So if you are interested in becoming a better photographer go here to check out Crissie's Blog Post on Clicken Mom's.

Way to go Crissie--- You donating photography skilled girl!!! Now on to this tutorial.Pardon the simplicity here. This is a super (do-per) easy hair do.
Start with hair slightly damp and put in your usual part.
Next section out a front part and a back part. You don't need to put it in a pony tail. I think I did it just to get my meaty hand out of the picture.
Three pony t ails later and you are done with this simple do. Use a flattening iron to straiten it.
Bean's bangs stay back pretty well when I straiten them. So not anchoring them is okay for us. Plus--- its summer and we don't need to anchor every hair out of her way---- wooowho!
Plus---->Leaving it down like that is so cute.


  1. Apparently I checked my blogs just seconds after you posted this:) She looks very pretty with her bangs down by her face!
    And I am so with you on the photography thing... I love that this blogging deal combines so many obsession(oh, I mean passions!) I have into one convenient, friendly place:)

  2. I love styles like this - easy to do on the way out the door! With four busy girls and a busy mom, this is perfect! Thanks!

  3. Awwww - thanks Jen! You are too good to me! Donating to Locks of Love made me feel SO GOOD and thank you for the inspiration. I probably never would have even had the thought cross my mind until you planted the seed. Obviously with our finances the way they are right now, I can't continue to financial support many of the causes that I feel passionate about, but I could certainly give of myself. And seriously people, get the Albertson's key tag! It couldn't get any easier than that. Jen - really, thanks so much for posting about the Clickin Moms contest. I am SO motivated to see Austin out on that street corner waving that sign for me! Won't it be divine?

    Bobbi-Jo, you are my other hero! Thanks so much for posting about the Clickin Moms contest on your blog! You really helped MY cause and I won't forget your willingness to help. There are so many bloggers who don't even answer an email but you are the best of the best and I love ya!


  4. Congratulations!

    Your blog has been nominated for the 2009 Utah Baby Guide Blog Contest. The blog that gets the most votes wins! Voting ends June 30th, 2009.

    Congratulations! You have a great blog!

    Jessica Taufer
    Editorial Director
    Utah Baby Guide

  5. First, I was so excited when I saw you posted, I was bummed that you were going to be out for a while. This simple do is adorable. Second, congratulations on being nominated I am going to have all my friends vote for you! You really do deserve it, not only is it a good blog, but the honesty and love you put out there is refreshing.

  6. This is very cute! I love your blog, you have such great ideas!

  7. Thank do much, i love this & used it for both my girls hair today. I can't wait to try some other do's for them.


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