All Things Ribbon

Do you want to win something?
Haha--- who says no to winning?! Okay well All Things Ribbon just launched a new site that is for her bow business, but also has tutorials on making bows and hair do's... its pretty cool. That alone is pretty sweet! But she is generously giving away a dress and matching bow. This isn't the first time she's given away a dress either... so you may want to add her as someone you are following in case I miss telling you about her giveaway one of these times. I ALMOST missed this one! So go say hello and get into the giveaway... WIN A DRESS.

Tell her Girly Do's sent you--- unless you want to say Babes in Hair Land sent you and we could make Babes in Hair Lands upcoming blogoversary a happy one with winning as most referrals. Oooo I like that idea. Tell her Babes sent you.


  1. Lovin the Sundress!! I think I will enter myself it is so dang cute!

  2. Awesome giveaway!!!

    I have something for you over at my blog!

  3. Hi Jen! I like how crisp and clean your blog looks now. Plus, your photos are awesome! I just noticed that you do not have me on your hairblog list. Wondering if you somehow missed it in the changeover? Take care!

    Adopt a 'Do - Cute Girls Hairstyles


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