A Well Done Tight Simple Pull Back

I think the name is long enough to land a plane on, but this is just a simple hair do done better. How I do it makes it look tighter and hold up to wind and child play a lot better. This bow was provided by Flowers and Bows. A personal friend of mine. She is new in bow making world and has a great talent to share. So go check out her stock and say hello. I heard a rumor there may be a giveaway coming up very soon. So watch for that.
Lets get started.
Part out the same way you did yesterdays do.
Here's where the tight trick comes in. You are going to part the hair starting at the top about an inch to the left of your starting part and at a sharp angle part to the back of the head and secure it with a rubber band. The tick is it is now held tight and we are going to hide that rubber band as if it was never there.
Pick up that hair that was left after you did your angle.
You have some on both sides.
Twist (and shout!).
And secure the two together. Now of course this will never fly. You know those will twist right back out if you don't do one more thing.
Move that hair out of your way so you can make a new bundle of hair and smooth it out. Or rat it up--- its your call!
And secure the two together.
Put the flower you picked up from Flowers and Bows in and you are done.
Good work!


  1. Aren't you just so tricky tricky! Very cute. Never would have thought of doing the twist over a pony. Smarty pants! :)

  2. I think you posted this as I was typing up the giveaway. It is up right now.

  3. Oh I gotta try that one, perfect :)

  4. So stinkin' cute! I love this simple do. My baby's bangs might even stay up this way:)

  5. thats too funny I used that trick when hideing the clips on my dd's tiara for her communion go see the pics I just posted them.

  6. The style is cute, and beans is absolutely adorable!!!


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