Still Working...

I still plan on doing tutorials on each of these, but I wanted to throw these out there to tell ya I am still working on new do's. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth just yet. I just need to water mark these and then you will have the step by step, but if you don't need through you can just look and copy from here. I am working on more simple styles because I like simple and with how busy summer gets I am just thinking how great loading up on simple will be for y'all.This one is a single knot up top pulled into two low pigs in the back.
This is so much more than just twisted back into a pony tail. I think I have come up with a cure all way of anchoring this one so you don't get so many fly aways when it loosens up. This is nice and tight. Like that bow? It is from Flowers and Bows. More to come about that later.
And I looked around at some of the other sites and didn't see a tutorial of the French Twist. And this is one of my favorite hair do's. I love it on me. I love it on Beans--- I LOVE IT!!! And since Flowers and Bows sent me this big beautiful puffy bow it needed a bold hair do to do it justice. And this French Twist was perfect.

All three simple and beautiful! Tutorials are coming up as soon as I water mark the pictures. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love the ponytails. That is definitely going in our repertoire.


  2. I love all 3 of them! You never cease to amaze me!

  3. sooo cute... I love pigtails

  4. I am so excited for the french twist! Can't wait!

  5. Love all of these. You are very very creative!!

  6. Thanks for the tease! I am SUPER excited. Love ya!


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