Single Knot and Pigs

Have you found life to be busy lately?
The closer summer gets the more activities we find ourselves doing. So what better then a few quick and out the door do's to store in your memory for those rushing occasions. This one is simple---- cute and not just pig tails.

Also-- I know its not cool to have music on your hair blog, but every once in a while I have to break this rule and just play some "fitting" music. Turn it off on the side bar if it bugs you too much. It is like the third option over here on the right------->

But before I forget... You need to make sure and go over to Every Little Detail on Thursday. It is Jessica's Birthday and to celebrate on Thursday she is giving 28% off to celebrate turning 28 years old. Use the code BirthdayGirl at check out.It also looks really cute with a head band, but we used ribbon today. It matched her outfit better.

Part the front and then separate the front from the back and secure the back to keep it out of your way.
Before I forget we do some anchoring, so make sure you divide the hair far enough back that it is well behind the ear. That way your anchoring isn't so obvious.
From your part divide out a section of hair. About an inch and a half to the right in our case. We part on the right and we want the knot off centered enough to look cute and not be so centered that it looks odd and out of place.
Divide that into two strands of hair.
Cross one over the other and start your knot.
Knot it up.
Pull it tight.
From there just pull each side together to hold that knot tight and anchor it down behind the ear.Anchor with rubber band.
Do the same on the other side.
Zig-zag part if you want and put your pig tails in nice and low. And you are done!
And here is how it looks with a smile that is clearly not forced at all. Totally natural! Don't you just want to pull her in and hug her! She is so cute!


  1. She is adorable! Loving the simple for summer thing! Well Done (as usual)

  2. Extremely simple & cute. We'll be doing this fo' sho'!

  3. Todays hairstyle for sure. And that smile looks completely natural - much like my girls who won't be even facing the camera but will mumble out a "CHEESE" with an exasperated sigh.


  4. I love this one! So cute and simple. I'll tuck that right into the quick and easy file in my head! Thanks so much! And, yes! I do just want to pull her in and squeeze her! So cute!

  5. I love this idea! Thanks for all the great hair do ideas!

  6. Beans is too cute! Thanks for a quick one, I sometime have a hard time getting my little wiggler to sit still! How do you do it??? PLEASE SHARE!! --Michelle

  7. ♥ Very cute! I'm all for the easy summer hair-do's! :)

  8. mmmmmmmmmmmm so cute!!

  9. I loved this one so much, I did it in my hair instead of my 2-year-old's today. :P

  10. We tried this yesterday and we loved it!! Thank you for sharing. I also love your music choice it was a nice surprise!

  11. Did this one on Goose this morning for school. Very nice & quick. Love it. Thanks!

  12. Thanks so much for posting this. I just tried it out on my two-year old and it looked adorable. It was super fast and stayed in place perfectly during her gym class. Love it!


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