Monkey See...

Monkey do! So My Beans saw her first Mohawk the other day. To which she questioned, "Mom, can a girl wear one of those?" I said sure. (Her dad rolled his eyes.) She thought about it and then asked. "Is there anyway... to make it look cute?"
So we attempted to make a cute Mohawk.
I think we failed. ((haha))
Bean's loved it. We just did a row of buns straight back and curled the ends spiral like. Its not horrible. Not really something I'd let her out of the house in, but we tried to make a point of making a cute Mohawk.
Since I failed... I am bringing this to you. Can you show my Beans a cute Mohawk?
Email me your CUTE Mohawk (attempt) to girlydos(at)hotmail(dot)com
Please title the email as "Monkey See Monkey Do".


  1. She's just too cute. Just when I think the pictures she poses for can't get any more darling ...

  2. You've got a cute girl there! I'll be excited to see what other mohawk hair do's there are!

  3. If anyone could make a Mohawk look cute, it is Beans!!! I love the photos!!!!!!!!they are adorable!!! you inspired me to make my own monkeys pose like that and sending my SIL a poster like the one you have created!!!! you rock!

    Oh hahahaha! my word verification today is buretra... that is the name of a lab flask thingie or something, I don't remember too well (highschool is too far into the past!)

  4. haha! don't have a baby boy, otherwise i'd send a cute frohawk. anyway, can't wait to see some pics!

  5. That is very cute! I haven't been asked to do a mohawk yet but it would be nice just in case.


  6. She is SO ADORABLE!!! I love these pics :)

  7. I realize I'm totally biased here, but my very favorite cute mohawk is sported by my own son, Simon. Here he is at eleven months rockin' his fauxhawk:

    I love your blog! Thanks so much for sharing all your fabulous ideas!


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