Head Band Hold Down

This one is a follow up of my last post. This is a fun variation to it. My kids were under the weather that day so this was how we spent out time.
Start the same way. By parting out same of the front part of the hair and securing it out of your way.
Put your head band in place.
Now take some from the front and combine it with some in the back. I plan on parting the hair in front into three sections for three pony tails that will go over the head band.
And repeat.
Side shot. You could leave it down at this point... we didn't.
We did three pony tails. What do you think of three pony tails? I like it. It is unusual, but I like it. You could do it into one pony tail or leave it down or piggy tails. Messy buns. The possibilities are endless.


  1. I really like these new headband looks. My daughter is crazy about headbands right now. Thanks!

  2. I remember wearing 3 ponytails once when I was in elementary school. I wonder if mom was in on it or if she was mortified. It was not part of a fancy hairdo - it was just 3 floppy (dare I say dorkey) ponies. Hey, I thought I was pretty cool! With this do it works great though. Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas. My oldest is 6 and hates my brushing her hair... it's ow ow ow the whole time. Any tips for desensitizing them (if you didn't start as an infant)?

    Andrea - astaff@bete.com

  3. This might be our hairdo for today! We will be planting our garden and this is a great fun way to keep their hair out of their way without being too "fancy" for yardwork!


  4. Anything that holds those headbands in place is a winner in my book! Love it.

  5. Very Cute! Again you are so cleaver. I don't know how you do it!


  6. This would be a lot of fun with a ribbon held down, too.

  7. I have a different kind of headband...I wonder if it would work with ours. Such a cute idea though. I absolutely love it.

  8. I think this style would work well with elastic head bands, you know the ones that just slip off the back of the head. Ping! Is Beans in Sparklers Twirling? I see on her headband it says I'm a Sparkler? My girls are in Twirlers and I would love to get some of those headbands.


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