Duh... That is so me!

I didn't even show you how this pretty thing hangs up. Sorry about that, but here is a snippet of the cast iron handle that is on top for the hanging. I picture it on a knob on the wall. Something silver or black. I don't know. But its so beautiful. Also I have a few of you entering the giveaway and saying that you qualify for more then one entry. Don't compact them all onto the one comment. If you are able to enter three times leave me three comments. If you can enter all five times make sure and enter all five times because I am using random.org to draw a number and I am not figuring out each one individually. So please leave your comments.

So scroll down and fix your comments if you only left one and needed to enter in more.

Good luck--- happy commenting! And thanks for helping out Heather.

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  1. hi my name is lyndsey b and i am 13 years old. my older sister has a cut little 3 year old and i want to give her that vinal thing for her birthday!


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