Curlers For Sale

I decided to throw one set together and see what happens. I guess if I start selling these I will open up an Etsy account or something like that, but for this one I have it listed on Ebay. So if you want to bid on this set of curlers I have it listed on my husbands Ebay account. I guess we will see what happens.
This set is purple with pink stars and ballerina slippers. They also have a lot of glittery sparkly in the pattern as well.
Don't forget these are home made and have that button on them so be careful if you use these with small children. Use common sense.

I hope you like this set. This one is probably my favorite set. It is even more cute then the pink polka-dot set we use. Thanks for looking.


  1. Ok, so I realized I live very close to you. Can I buy a set and just come pick them up? Then you wouldn't have to go mail them, and my poor college mom budget wouldn't have to pay the shipping? Will you let me know? My email is THANKS!!!

  2. These are awesome!! I hope you start selling them because I definately want a set.

  3. Love it. You should put a pic of her with her hair after taking out the curlers on your ad.

  4. I am TOTALLY interested in buying a set....will you be putting up different fabric that we can pick from?? What are you selling them for??

  5. I so want a set but have been outbid on ebay 4 times!!! I too sell stuff on ebay but my hubbys rule is I cant buy ebay stuff that costs more than what I made! =D I would love to buy a set...whats your price?

  6. did you ever open an etsy store?


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