Can You French Braid?

No? I hear about it all the time from readers that French braiding is hard. Or that your fingers don't allow it. So I am hoping this gives you some ease in making a cascading look that is similar to a french braid but about 70% easier.You are going to love the simplicity here.
Because this is a loose hair do I add jell first to keep fly aways under control. Not much. Just enough to keep it in control.Next you need to equal sizes of hair starting at the temples of the head.
Smooth the rest back and then tie a knot. If you can tie your shoes you can do this do.
Part out and combine hair to both sides of the hair here.

Spray down the hair with hair spray to control fry aways at this point as well.
Tie it in a knot and then do it again over and over again down to the bottom of the hair.

See all the hair that is still down. Yup- there is a lot, but that is okay.
You just pull it all into a pony tail.
I wasn't feeling using a bow today, so we took out a piece of hair and wrapped it around the rubber band to hide it and give it a different look. Use a bobby pin to secure it under the hair.
Like so...
And there you have it. And easy knot braid that doesn't require twisting or manipulating your hands to do things they won't do.


  1. Very cute and it looks easy. I do know how to french braid but only with the braid on top of the head, not the normal french braid. Not sure how to make my hands go the other day. :) I will definately have to try this on my girls hair! Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for this...I was just telling Babes in Hairland how hard this was for me....I will definately try this!

  3. My daughters hair is so fine and thin and even though I have been able to do a french braid (barely!) it looks ridiculous. This might be a much better alternative.

    Thank you!

  4. Love it. Does it stay in ok? It's gorgeous!

  5. I would be the NO-er. I can't do it! My sisters tell me I braid backwards. Really is there such a thing? I will try this though. I'll let you know!

  6. Even though I can do a french braid, the trick at our house is getting the kiddo to sit still long enough....we will be trying this one out! :)

  7. Love it. I used to do this on myself all the time!

  8. I can french braid, but this looks really cool too!! Will try this out! :) Awesome!

  9. I think the complication for French braids IS how to hold the hair and do the parts to add the hair. I am finding that I'm better able to do it now simply by having a system of holding the two pieces while adding hair to the third piece. Having the right tension is a big part of it too but I think I'm getting it. lol Now, I just need to be able to do two French braids (one for each side) and the head band types and we're good. Still need to get underbraiding down too but first I have to do that with regular braids before I can do it with a French braid.

  10. I can French braid, but I find it pretty tedious. This is fast and easy. I did this one as a mama 'do, too, which was great cuz I'm lazy and hate having to hold my arms up too long, haha!


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