Braided and Banded

So I went to re shoot this because the one I had shot last summer wasn't the best tutorial ever. But... Bean's hair isn't long enough to do this again. So here is the old version and I will hopefully clear up the pictures I left out taking when this was originally shot.
You are doing two braids. One that starts over the right ear and ends by the left ear. And the other one will start by the left ear and end by the right.

You are going to add hair only from the one side. I have explained this before a very long time ago. I added text to hopefully help out. If you need more help try this link out. Hopefully it helps.Next divide out the next section of hair and pony tail off the bottom that you don't need for the braid.Again only add form the one side this time it is from the back so that you can squish them together in the end.
Next you squish them together and bobby pin them down the middle. See that arrow. Yeah right there should do it. This is where I stopped taking pictures... so hopefully you just get it. All you do from here is zig-zag part the rest of the hair into two sections combine with your braids and secure with rubber bands. That is how you get your two piggies.
We had Popeye on our mind apparently. She's funny like that. O how much she has grown even since this picture was taken last summer. We don't even have that outfit anymore. This was a good find.
(Teeehe--- What a funny girl.)


  1. I remember this one from last year. Absolutely beautiful. Not sure if my girls will allow me to try it - but this is beautiful for Easter.

  2. ♥ I love that dimple! She's so cute! :)

  3. How much squishing do you do at the end? The braids look really far apart in the pre-squish photo. When you squish them they come right together. Is that right? Do you try to braid them as close as possible?

  4. tehehe... she is such a great poser.


  5. I leave the hair down and make a nice braid up front on the right side, then i wrap it over the top of the head and pin it down on the other side it is really cute


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