The Beauty in Simplicity

We do fun hair do's. I think its pretty much obvious that we like hair around here. However... I don't want for a second for you to ever discredit the beauty that is found in a simple style. One that doesn't require a lot of thought. So this is not as much a tutorial as just a simple reminder too keep it simple. Big fancy do's are fun, but simple ones are just as fun and just as cute.
This really is as easy as it looks, just a bunch of braids on top. We were actually looking through some old albums and Beans saw my hair like this back when I used to work at a photo studio. When times got slow we played around and shot pictures of each other and stuff. I used to braid the top of my hair just to keep it out of the chemicals, but still able to keep my hair down. well she saw it and asked my why I haven't done hers like this. So we did it. And it does exactly what I liked it for on my own hair. Keeping those stragglers out of her face, but leaving her hair down and cute. And this is just a sweet picture I wanted to show off of her brushing her dolls hair.
Beauty in simplicity...


  1. Agreed! There is absolutely beauty in simplicity (and it has NOTHING to do with the fact that I'm often out of time to try the fancy 'dos). I'd love to see more of these simple hairdo ideas!

  2. ♥ She's so cute! All of my girls doll hair is matted and nasty. I haven't figured out how to keep it nice and pretty like when they're new... :)

  3. Thanks for reminding me to keep it simple! In a few weeks we will be doing VBS at church and I will need 5 days of simple, out-of-her-face do's! I am one of the directors for the week, so we will be up really early. This one is extra cute:)

  4. Luuuuuv it. Quick & easy - my fav.

  5. That is So Cute! Her eyes are so pretty, they go with her hair GREAT!



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