I should be in trouble. I am so bad at passing along awards. And I have lost a few of them that people sent to me a long time ago. Man I feel just rotten about it too. For one I would have loved to have put them on my side bar and second passing the love is part of blogging fun.

This first one was from "The Mom" at Babes in Hairland. I just totally love her. She is one of the reasons I keep going with the hair blog. She is a total inspiration. Thank you for this award and I am glad you think I am a spreader of love. That is sure sweet.I think I am supposed to give this to six deserving bloggers.
1. Make Bows and More I just barely found this fabulous blog hiding under the radar a few weeks back. I backtracked them through my stat counter. Anyways what a great site and I was even able to make one of the bows for my niece the other day. I thought I was pretty cool. What a great site for all the explanations!
2. All Things Ribbon I know I drop the name a lot around here, but that is because she has really spread the love. Not only do we have a thing going with me giving her some well deserved shout outs, but I think we have a pretty cool friendship built as well.
3. Flowers and Bows This is a old friend that I just recently reconnected with on face book. She is darling and just chatting with her has brought back some good memories as I've thought back to my first ward growing up. Good times. She is a total doll!
4. It Works for me Bobbi Jo seriously has got to be sick of me hanging around her blog. But I have to drop her name. I have learned so many photo tricks from her blog it is sick. And I get emails from you guys all the time about where I learn some of my tricks. So if you have photo shop go say hi to Bobbi. And thank you for the friendship Bobbi!
5. The Story of a Princess and her Hair maybe she was already nominated, but I want to give it to her as well because she is always leaving comments. I think she might spend eight hours a day at the computer making sure to leave comments for everyone... and that if for sure spreading the love.
6. Stephanie one of my best friends. She is just so supportive of me and has been a great friend for 100 billion years. I know I don't look that old right? But Stephanie spreads the love in a big way. She's the best!
The Sisterhood award came from Ziggy's blog. And she said the nicest things! Thank you!
And I get to name five people for this one.
1. Bowznstuff Best attitude ever! Most talented ever! I will never be able to say enough about Cree. She is amazing. And during Christmas she ended up in the hospital and still managed to be happy ol Cree. I admire her.
2. Babes in Hairland I know she gets mentioned around here a lot. That is because she and I have really become friends from this whole hair blogging thing and she is very inspirational.
3. Tip Junkie not that she cares a bit about this award, but she is a gal helping other SAHM. She is the meaning of sisterhood.
4. Mammatalk new site to me and a great laugh. I love this site. She gets this award because she understands mommy(ing) and knows that most days you just have to make light of things or you will end up pulling out your hair along the way.
5. Heather {Unwrapped} This gal is super great. She is inspirational in a big way. She is talented at everything. She is spiritual. I love reading her blog. She has the best attitude about life and love and everything a day has to offer. If you need uplifting this is a good place to turn.

My last award has been sitting on the shelf for a while. This is one I made to give out. I last gave it out about a year ago. Time to dust 'er off and share her with a few people.
1. Jackie & Kassie's Sweet Do's Her and I have developed a healthy relationship where she feels comfortable enough to threaten my life is she doesn't win my hair clip holder board. She kills me. She is so funny and I just love her blog. Thanks for the laughs Jamie.
2. Babes in Hairland So she walks away with two awards. I can't help it. I get a lot of do's from her blog. You know the ones that we do that aren't mine-- that I don't get to post. I love watching her site and I love how obsessed she is with hair. The girl dreams about hair. I will tell her I saw a movie and before I can say anything else she will ask if it had any cute hair do's. She is so awesome!
3.She Does Hair I know she hung up her drier and isn't hair blogging right now, but she deserves this award more then anyone. Thank you Stephani for all your style and talent. We miss you.

That is it for today. Thanks for the awards.


  1. THANK YOU!! You give me WAY too much credit. I KNOW I walk away with more out of our friendship than you ;) You really just made my day.

  2. The how to make bows blog, awesome :)

  3. Thank you Jenn, I too consider you a friend!! Nothing but fun! You are amazing.


  4. Ah - you are too kind. Thanks babe. I'm glad we're such great friends too! I feel the same way Bobbi-Jo does ... I think I get more out of this friendship deal than you!! Thanks again.

  5. Thanks Jenn! You are my inspiration - don't ever quit your wonderful ideas! My girls' hair was so sad before I found you!

  6. Aww, thanks Jenn! How sweet of you to think of me.

  7. You are an inspiration to all!


  8. OH MAN THANK YOU! you are awesome! i am sooo happy that we have been friends for a billion years! YOU are someone i look up to soo much! you have so much talent and i am glad you choose to share it with so many people! love you!


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