Another Messy Bun

This is the kind of messy bun we have been using for a few days. Its nothing hard at all. It just hold a little stiffer and is a little messier then my other messy bun. Plus I hope this works for those of you that couldn't make my other messy bun work.
Part out the front and leave a lot out. Then pull the back part into a pony tail. Leave some hair down.Rat that hair up. (Just the hair in the pony tail.) Rat it up really good.Scrunch it up into a bun by pulling ends into the base where the pony tail starts. Secure it with a rubber band to hold all those hairs in.divide out the frond and sweep it into the back underneath the bun. Secure it with a clip or bobby pins.
Secure hair on both sides.Repeat on the other side.
Add in your favorite bow. Mine is from All Things Ribbon. This one has a high lift and sits high on her head. So Pretty. And sometimes more important---so easy! Hope you enjoy!


  1. Cute! I'll have to try that. You're messy buns always turn out so loverly!

  2. My gosh! she's so cute! I just love that smile:) This is a great way to do a messy bun. I just got on to add a few posts(both bun styles) and there was this post of yours! Love it!

  3. I love looking at all the cute hairdo's you create but I'm not able to do them on my little girl do to the fact that she has a little girl mullet and it doesn't always work :)... I really just wanted to know how you did that picture of her in black and white but her bow in pink... I have been trying to figure out what program I could use.

  4. As always - stunning. She looks so cute. Hope you're feeling better GF! ... um ... the neat code thinger that I have to type in to verify I'm not a computer is 'saten' ... there's something wrong with that. :)

  5. Love easy and cute! Thanks! Does the hair that is ratted become so tangled its hard to get out? My twins have had nightmare tangles so ratting scares me. Tell me I am wrong? Love ya!

  6. very easy and cute. I love the look of messy buns.



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