THREE for Thursday

That is right!!! Today you are getting THREE new hair do's.
What are we celebrating? Ohhhh- Lets just say I got Bean's Easter Dress and I feel the need to show this puppy off. So welcome to three for Thursday.
Throughout today I have it set up to publish three new hair do's. All at different times. So you have something to look forward too. But let me start off by telling you about this new Beautiful Dress. This is from All Things Ribbon.
The first time I let the cat out of the bag about this fabulous bow site I gushed over her dresses and wanted one forever. Well I have one. It is the PERFECT Easter Dress. So I am telling you guys again about her stuff. Beautiful---- and all American Made. Not only that but it is an opportunity for Mom's to help out other Mom's which I am all for.
I am also using matching bows from All Things Ribbon as well.
She has all kind of codes to get them even cheaper. You can use "girlydos" for 10% but over at her blog she is posting an even better deal that if I was you I would NOT pass up. So go here and look on the side bar.
So first up we have an All The Way Roll. That's one side to the other all the way roll. Pretty simple, but can be made very pretty with the right accessories. Isn't that dress to die for?
Start by parting out the front and securing the back with a clip or elastic to get it out of the way.

Starting over one ear start rolling your hair.Get it tight.Once it is tight grab out a chunk of the hair on top to add too the roll. Roll it into the twist and make it tight. Once you have it tight you are going to add in the next section of the hair. Grab it and start rolling it in. Once it is tight anchor it with a rubber band.Combine in the back with a rubber band.Once you have done that throw in the right bow and it is really dressed up for this Easter look.One more view.The look with the perfected smirk!

Get your Easter Dress and Easter bows from here.
and watch for number two of the hair do's on Three for Thursday.


  1. Adorable! I love that dress!! I'll be back later today to see what else you came up with, can't wait!

  2. I LOVE the Hair DO and the Dress!! Both are sooo cute! Well I cant wait to see your next 2 hair dos! :)

  3. Neat hairdo and FANTASTIC dress & bow! Thanks for sharing this - I needed a spring "pick me up" today! =)

  4. No surprise here - but just stunning! Simply beee-you-tiful!

  5. The hair is SO CUTE! and I just love the dress!


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