Heads Up Do

This one might be top shelf for me. I know it is for the hubby. He commented all day when Beans sported this do about how "Beautiful" she looked. And Beautiful it is.
Welcome to number three and the last of my Three for Thursday hair do's.
I feel good about showing off three very cute do's and I feel super about showing off this fabulous dress that Beans won't be wearing again until Easter. The Dress and the bows that you have enjoyed today are from All Things Ribbon. There are so many new dresses that you have to check out. And bows of all kinds to match them. If you don't see the kind you want for the dress you want drop Jen a line and she can make magic happen. She is mad talented and great to work with. And generous.... check out the deal she is offering right now on everything. This won't last forever so go look at the side bar of her blog now. If that special code is gone all I can say is that you missed out on great savings. Not really though because you can always save by using the code "girlydos" at check out. So here she is in all her charm and beauty.
To anchor the head band I am using my new favorite "stabilizing" technique. I found it here at Babes in Hair Land. And I modified it here for what I am trying to do. So you start with a low loose pony tail that is extremely exaggerated in both how far down it starts and the angle that goes to the opposite side where it started.Knot that pony tail up and cinch it down tight.Do the same on the other side. Note how little this one is. This is because of how we exaggerate the first pony tail.Do a second pony tail at a sharp angle. Keep it loose for the knot.Knot it up--- cinch it down.Repeat on the other side.
Next step is making three high pony tails on top. The side ones add the left over hair from those knot rows.This is your three pony tails. Take note to the sharp zig zag part that was made up front. I think it makes this hair style flow better to be so extreme.Now you will make curls and anchor them with an "X" from your bobby pins. Leave it very flowy and loose.and once you are done you have this. Which is perfect once you add....
This beautiful head band. Beyond beautiful!
Hope you had a lot of fun with my three for Thursday. I hope you got some good idea's flowing for Easter. Happy Thursday!!!


  1. Oh - yup - this is my favorite. I'm with your honey on this one. It is just amazingly beautiful. Thanks for the 3 for Thursday. Soooo pretty.

  2. How do you come up with these smart cute and adorable hair dos?! They are so stinkin cute and I bet everyone is so jeaulous of your cute little girl! And I LOVED all 3 of the hair do's!! :)

  3. I just found your blog last week and have been amusing myself and my daughter by trying out different styles on her every day. She's liking it so much she doesn't even complain about me getting her up early (well, okay, doesn't complain much).

    One request, can you please pretty please update your tutorial links? I've been cruising through the knot section and all of your tutorial links go to your old blog :-(. And I can't do a nice-looking knot to save my life!

    Your daughter is a cutie and I love your blog! I have to tell you, my daughter's been getting so many compliments from other moms that her teachers asked me for the addy to your site, so they can give it out to anyone who asks :-).


  4. Love this!!!! This just might be the winner for our Easter hairstyle!

  5. Thank you we will be using this for first communion!

  6. Just found your blog and I'm loving all the do's!!! I have two daughters that have recently gotten into having their hair done up all pretty. Thanks for sharing!!
    p.s. My youngest daughter's nickname is Beans too!

  7. I love love love this! I did it yesterday and my daughter said lots of people said she had cute hair! Thanks so much for the inspiration! I love doing my girls hair and your styles make it fun for me...

    Keep them coming...also...your daughter is beautiful!

  8. Love it! And the new header is cute too! :D

  9. you are super woman!! cute hair do's!! I blog stock often!!

  10. I am so going to try this with my little girl's Easter Dress! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I don't know what to say but... GORGEOUS!


  12. Love it going to try and copy it in the morning! Thanks for post so many qutie do-s for me to try on my girlie!


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