Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry------->

I drew the winner(s) on Sunday and was going to post them, but truth is I got side tracked by other things happening in life right now and had to put this on the back burner. I have to go do some counting today and get the winner posted. Numbers have been drawn from the 2051 comments left on the bows. So you can guess that counting was going to take some time (teehe). I still need to see who guessed my birthday age correct for the bobby-pins and draw from those that had the correct age and I didn't draw for the curlers yet either. Sorry (a million times over and over). I will have you a winner announcement today. Thanks for being understanding.

And THANKS for ALL the birthday LOVE!!!


  1. no worries! Take your time, we all can understand what it's like to be busy!! :O)

  2. No biggie!! Hope everything is okay!

  3. Take your time! :o) I hope you had a great birthday!!

  4. Don't worry Jenn, we all understand. TC!

  5. Hey girl. Happy Happy Birthday. I missed out on all your birthday love (I was out of town) but I wanted to make sure I wished you a great birthday, even late.


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