I'm Okay with Rude People

You know what DOESN'T bother me. That does bother most people? RUDE PEOPLE!!! Yup-- apparently I am being told my header was stolen. I had someone email me that picture back when my old Girly Do's was being deleted. I used it to start up this new site. My understanding what that it was drawn by that person. As you guys know I am one who is pretty decent to give credit where credit is due. So for the blast from some very rude people I just would like to remind you a few things...
1. Generally when you point your finger at someone and say YOU DID THIS--- or SHAME ON YOU!!!! you should often note that there are four fingers that point right back at you. So before you are quick to judge someone maybe you had better think---- long and hard about things before you say mean things to someone.
2. You don't know the situation so jumping on board of a bashing generally makes you an accomplish in a crime. And when you don't know the situation you should really have no voice. Educate yourself first and then and only then after you have the facts can you really judge a person. You know--- if you are somehow exalted to the position of God.
3. Its safe to say when you bring my daughter into your mean comments you are bloody likely to piss me off!!!! And I am not likely to be kind back. I think that is a general rule for all mom's. So keep your mean comments above the belt please. Picking on a little girl is very tacky!!!
4. And we all know the good old saying about assuming--- right? When you assume you only make an ASS of U and ME hence assume. So chill out and before you jump on the rude boat next time--- relax---- take a big long breath and slow down a bit. Alright.

As for me. I am learning real quick that a lot of people really can't be trusted. And that in the future if I am going to use something even something some one sends to me to use I will ask for a copyright. I am sorry to the artist first and for most. I've had soooooooo many of my hair designs show up on different sights people calling them there own. When all the other bloggers started popping up there were a lot that stayed very low key and just took and took and took--- and it bugged me, but I look at things differently. I let it flatter me that someone appreciated my work like that. There was an occasion that I would call a person out on it, but generally I didn't. ART work--- like was part of my header is a wee bit different. I don't know if the artist was using it for monetary gain--- i have no idea what she used it for or where it was found. Like I said I got it in the form of an email. But its not cool or flattering to steal art work. In any way!!! And I am sorry that it found its way to Girly Do's without recognising you as the artist! Never my intentions.

As for all the rude commenter's out there that love to jump on a band wagon of rudeness--- the REASON this is titled as being okay with rude people--- your rude comments don't hurt. They don't really do anything to or for me. But I hope you will take what I said in my four points to heart and not make rude comments on a page of a person who does care and will be hurt. Please just be careful with what you say. Be kind. Recycle---haha!

Have a nice day!


  1. You did the right thing in taking it down and addressing it here. I'll admit I only found your blog due to the controversy but I couldn't see where leaving a comment could be constructive so I just waited to see how it would play out.

    Why not do a photo collage of all the different do's you've done of your daughter? You could have a lot of fun doing it and there are free photo editors that you can do all kinds of graphic design with.

  2. I am sorry you are having people be mean to you. I love your sight. Your section with your daughter made me want to start blogging so I could create some good memories with my daughters. I have another friend who blogs, and I really think that there are people out there who have nothing better to do but say mean things to others. I hope you don't get to discourage, and I just wanted you to know I love all the good things that you do. My email is otolbert@gmail.com.

  3. Well said. Sorry to hear people are being so nasty, esp. when it comes to your adorable little girl. I love your site, even thought my daughter gets annoyed when I am trying new things all the time.

  4. I'm glad I found this site a while ago and have loved your talent! I'm sorry so much DRAMA has come your way and that people can't be civil.
    I'm looking forward to more great posts and "Girly Do's" for my Hannah!

  5. oh that sucks! i recognized the artists work. but didn't say anything figuring it wasn't my place. you weren't claiming it as your own. either way. LAME. mean people SUCK! i'll flip them the double rolling bird for you!

    your points were well said.

    way to keep calm.

    and love your stuff.

  6. I like how you changed the comments to say "nice comments" The blog is up for fun and for people to take out of it what they like. It's easy for those people to be mean when YOU are the one doing all the work. Love your site and i think it takes a big person to step up to their mistakes:)

  7. New to the blogging world, but it amazes me that people have time to leave nasty comments about other people's blogs, artwork, children, etc.

    I don't get offended by people, either. I just feel bad for people who can only find the negative in every situation. Life is short, be happy!

  8. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say anyone who has been to your site more than a couple times knows you ALWAYS give credit when necessary. Sometimes it's not even necessary and you still give credit just to be nice. Everyone knows you would never go and "steal" something off a site or whatever. Sorry you're dealing with a bunch of drama AGAIN. You don't deserve it!! I love Girly Dos.

  9. Awwww Jenn...that's just crap that you have to put up with something like that. I am sorry.

  10. ♥ Who knew there could be so much drama in the blog world? I'm with you on the hitting below the belt thing. I figure I can defend myself or blow it off but kids don't have that ability so that where us as parent come into play... I'm sorry these people are giving you such crap!!! Take care! :)

  11. I like your blog and that says a lot since I am a hairstylist and have shared your site with many clients and mom's of dd's on my parenting site. As for rude comments I am out of the loop but I enjoy your hair blog and have shared.(hope that is ok?) As for your dd I think she is beautiful, anyone to say something negative about your daughter(an innocent child) is out of line and not worth your energy in responding to. This is suppose to be about hair and fun. Don't let the negativity get you down. It really is unfair and ugly of some to do that to you. :( I mean come on... what is negative about a hair blog???? Anyone who reads your blog knows you credit the smallest of small things. Some people....

  12. Hi Jenn,

    You rock!! I love how you voice things and I am so sorry you have had to deal with this. I love your site. I have had so much fun hair blogging, so thank you and for anyone out there who would want to pick on your precious bean, they have some serious problems. And you are absolutely right this is about hair and fun!!

  13. Wow! Well said is all I can say...I seem to get lost in all this messy stuff, but for the VERY same reason I was VERY scared to "announce" publicize (whatever you wish to call it) my dd's hair blog...my very own sisters asked me why i never told them i had a hair blog...Of course I wasn't thinking THEY of all people would do such things, but really I started doing this for ME, MYSELF, MY DD, and I! No other reasons...Of course I can't deny it's still wonderful/fun/exciting etc to get a nice comment from someone.

    There is absolutely NO room or excuse for rude people...I.M.O. only a heartless jackass would leave rude comments directed at an innocent little girl who is absolutely "charming" and "adorable"!!!!! (when I say that Jen I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart...Beans is SO dang cute. It all makes me wonder (because I can tend to be sensitive) if it is all worth the possibility of something like this happening to me.

    SERIOUSLY, some of these techniques have been around For EVER...and for someone to say a certain teqnique is "theirs" is just inaccurate...for instance...(I apologize I don't remember whose right off the top of my head and I am NOT intending this to be a blow to any one either) the "rick rack" braid on someone else's site I was a little dissapointed when the "rick rack"braid was posted because I had been trying for quite some time to come up with a cool do using that type of braid, that I actually call a "squishy braid" The rick rack was obviously NOT stolen from me as I had not ever even posted it before. SO, this doesn't make me a copy cat or a cheater when I finally come up with something to use it on...The 4 stranded braid as well...I call it a "chain braid." Again, I haven't posted a hairdo using this braid, but have known how to do it for quite some time...I have just not been creative enough to put it together in a style I have liked. Jenn I'm glad that you are able to look at things and be flattered when someone uses/steals your work and calls it their own....It completely FREAKS me out to think that when I do a hair do that looks like or is very simiar to anothers the person will be offended and feel cheated...I have never intentionally done this and If I do a hair do that I "think" I have created, chances are, it's PROBABLY been done before by SOMEONE somewhere...

    I completely agree that credit should be given when credit is due...So...TO ANY and ALL hairbloggers out there...I guess you could officiallly call this my disclaimer, apology etc...If you have ever felt like something I used on my hairblog was YOURS, you are sadly mistaken...IF I am to ever use something I have seen on anothers site, you WILL be given credit!!!

    Jenn, I actually really like your new header- keep your chin up and know that there are just hateful people in this ugly world & sometimes they just can't stand to remain anonymous any longer... Maybe they're just jealous

  14. I love your blog first of all, and second your daughter is a doll and I have no clue why anyone would be mean or say rude things about your darling little "model"! So srry that people have nothing better to do with their time. Keep up the good work I love all your hair ideas, so fun!

  15. Yeah seriously leave her daughter out of it. Childish!


  16. Sorry you're having these problems. These blogs are for us moms to have fun with!

    If it makes you feel any better I was researching how to make something today and going through different sites, I found a blog that stole the pics and words, exact copies! (not that I'm saying you've stolen yours) but she had the other ladies words and pics of her daughter claiming them as hers! (I left an email for both sites about it!)

    I too sometimes wonder if it's worth it! For me the blogs are so much fun! I love posting my new do's and seeing what others do! Reading other blogs (yours included) helps me to fuel my passion! I think every little girl should look like a little girl! Hair up and all! And maybe it's just my crazy obsession but I hate seeing girls out in public with their hair down and messy!

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  18. Well, I was just going on a little Bloggy Jog around the bloggy block and now I am intrigued. Controversy? So glad you don't let
    rude people hurt your feelings. I could take a lesson from that. Thanks for supporting me on my big, bloggy adventure.

  19. I, for one, love your blog. You spark my imagination and I love to spend that time with my girls. I, however, unlike you, would probably be very hurt if someone made mean comments about me and ESPECIALLY my little girls. Grrr. You are fantastic and I am glad that you are able to be above all this nonsense. And Beans? Well, what can I say but that she's adorable...but you already knew that! Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  20. WOW! My girlies are getting to old to let me do their hair anymore (like they ever did let me), but I still read and drool over the cute hairstyles because a girl can dream, right?

    As a graphics designer myself, I know how much it sucks to not get credit for your work. It's recently happened to me, in fact, (thought the person was claiming my graphic designs as their own) but I handled it very professionally because there is no reason to EVER be rude about things, or to ever bring your kids into it!!! It sucks that people have to be that way anyway. Good on your for calling them on it, too!

  21. Wow, some people! Sorry you had to deal with that!!

  22. As for number two, do you mean accomplice? Sorry, I grammar!☺

    Anyway, I love the fact that there are so many sites that teach us "hair docorating" challenged.

    I think that bringing one's child into a rude comment is just horrible.

    I'm leaving this annonymous because I am a faker and people think I know how to create these styles on my own. Yep, I steal your ideas. Yes, my daughter ends up looking fantastic. Occasionally, I give someone else credit.

  23. I'm so sorry for more drama Jenn. You know I love you & Beans ... you guys are just amazing.

  24. All I can say is congrats to you for taking the higher road and being a bigger person! I really love your blog and your creative talent and thank you for sharing that with us! Talk about fun! Hope you have a great day!

  25. I love that you take the time to share with all of us some fun ideas. I love looking at your do's and spinning them to be my own. I am very guilty of mixing a bunch of hairstyles into one. It's so fun and girls LOVE it! I think it is funny that people are so possessive when it comes to hair styles. I have "made up" many and I never take credit, I just say thanks. Also, there have been many times when I have created an amazing do and seen another little girl with a similar one in the mall. I guess we can never be sure if we are the only creative one to have that flash of brilliance:) I do appreciate how you always give credit to people though because it shows that you are doing this for fun (like most of us are) and not to be worshiped or put on a pedistal (spelling:). I think you are amazing and honestly, who couldn't adore your daughter!! Keep trucking, there are more behind you than against you. I also want to mention; I love the new header!!

  26. Good job standing up for yourself! I do copy your ideas on my 3-year-old almost EVERYDAY! I even take pictures of her hair when it turns out cute and print them off in a little "hair scrapbook" so she can pick out hairdos! You're awesome, we love your work. Screw those losers!

    P.S. I'm pretty good on the comp and would love to make you a new header if you'd like to send me some pics!

  27. I can't belive someone would try to hurt you with rude comments. I love all your styles and esp all the help you have given me.

    Hey I have an assignment for you and any one else I am looking for several do's to try on my very curly little girl for her communion. I am looking for either an up do or a half up and down like a crown that I could put in tiny flowers and a veil with a comb. I NEED HELP!!!


  28. I love this post! What drama the blogging world brings. As wonderful as it is that people take the time to do things creatively by themselves, they really do HAVE to know that without watermarking their photos, if they post them on the internet, they really are fair game. Believe me, it could get worse.

    We just went through an adoption scam where all the photos sent to me were stolen from someone's myspace page. I am now worried that many of our new baby's pictures were taken for use on another scam. So sad. I think your attitude is awesome and I hope you continue to keep your blog up and running for years to come. It is so much fun. Thank you for all the time you put into it.

  29. Sheesh! Sheesh sheesh sheesh - pah pah pah - fooey - mean people suck but you my friend ROCK
    rock on hair guru

  30. Hey Jenn, what is with you and all your drama? :) I'm sorry you are having it. I hope you are serious when you say it doesn't bother you. That would be a stinky reason to stop doing this. I love this last hairdo you posted. I'm not sure how it would look on my thin haired girls but would love to try it.


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