Merry Christmas and Happy New year and all that good stuff. I missed ya... I had a surprise for ya... and I had plans to start up a new dill-e-o. You remember my curlers... the ones I get emails on almost every other day. People that have asked me to make them and sell them. Well I didn't want to forever and ever, but after a very giving Christmas season I have wanted to do more service and give more service. And I came up with the (genius) idea to make them and sell them and make profits go to the Road Homeless Family Shelter. Maybe be able to take care of all there health bags or just use proceeds to go stock up on diapers to drop off every month. Well I had even started throwing together a bunch of sets and I was just down to the decision part of things. Like how I wanted to sell them to get to most going towards the homeless shelter. I figured I'd feel okay making them and selling them if I did it that way. After all it was never my idea, just a good idea of someone else's that I stumbled across. Well anyways due to recent legislative changes... I won't be able to make and sell the curlers. And there won't be anymore giveaways here at Girly Do's.

hummmmm.... unless I can advertise them as being made for kids 13 and older. Does me smell a loop hole? Go here if you don't know what I am talking about. Go to that link anyways to get all the links to making a few complaints to the right people.


  1. Um, I think those curlers would be perfect for girls over 13. Heck, I'd use them myself! I just won't tell anyone if they happen to end up on my daughter's little head too!!

  2. I think 13 and older is a perfect solution. GOod thinking.

  3. You are so awesome, what a great idea!! I definately want a set. Good Thinking!

  4. ♥ That's just crazy stupid! Because fabric has lead in it! OKAY???

  5. I cant believe this??? what am I going to do?? do 13 year old were a lot of BOWS??? Seriously!!! I have a ton put into this!??? and not to add I have made a pretty little penny!!! at least enough to buy some extra milk! :) I was really enjoying this! I am SOOO BUMMED!!!!

  6. So, I am older then 13 and I want a pair!!!!! If my 4 year old gets into them, then it is my fault right? So where can I sign up to purchase.


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