No I didn't screw up on anything. But You know how much I love a good messy loose do! And it just looks even more cute with short hair.
This tutorial is on a fun messy do that we did, but it mas done more for the showing you know to use a bobby pin and to anchor it into place so that id doesn't slip right back out again. Until I figured this out every time I used bobby pins the hair would be falling all over the place. Especially with Beans very fine strait hair. So I was happy when I figured this out. It made making buns finish right work and so many other hair styles made more sense once I caught on. So lets get messed up and do this hair do--- okay? I am not a huge fan of the hair being sprayed precisely into place being immovable. I love the care free look. That's not to say I didn't use hair spray to get it to hold, I just wanted the look to be a little more wild and messy. And right away after we finished this one she went and looked in the mirror. came back out and told me it was her favorite... gave me a huge hug and said she needed to be wearing her Hannah Montana shirt and a funky green skirt that didn't match. I love that care free spirit! And I love when she gets in that mood. So a good care free fun and even wild style is good in my eyes!
First thing you want to do is establish your base. To do this you are going to make X's that over lap all the way across the back of the hair. I added a few more even after this picture was taken, but I took it to show you how you over lap them and use the wavy part in the bobby pin to hold your hair firm and immovable. That is really the big trick with bobby pins. To make them into X's and use them against each other to hold/grasp the hair tight.A close up of what I am trying to talk about.Next thing you are going to do (and I did use a curling iron first) is make big loopy curls and secure them with X's with the bobby pins right over your base. Try to make sure you get above your first ones so that you are hiding them as you go. and notice that I have some hair that is still down underneath the curl. I didn't sweat getting it all into it because this is a messy do. There is supposed to be fly away hair and that imperfect look to it. Get four or five loops secured and then we will use the rest of that down hair to hid those bobby pins that you can still see. At this point I curled the hair that was still down under. The first time I curled it I was curling it up for the loop. And now I curl that under. For two reasons really. One so that as I pull it tight and secure it with this hair do that it all flows in the same direction (In appearance) and two because this hair was to short to do in loops like the rest that is why I will be using it different then the first part of this style.Grasp a chunk of that hair that is hanging down and pull it tight between each loop in the opposite direction you did the first time. Secure it with that X.
And one you let do of that hair it pretty much hides the bobby pins. Do this between each of the loops and hid the last of those bobby pins. Guess what we did--- a very cute hair style using no rubber bands. And the hold up on this one? Fair. It got some fly aways throughout the day. Nothing that took away from the hair do. Actually every loose strand just added to the quality of the hair do. I thought about taking a picture of this hair do after it had been in about five hours because it looked so pretty how some of the pieces loosened up and relaxed. But when she crashed on the couch in the early afternoon this one was out for the looking cute! It didn't hold up to a nap at all! But for the most part of the day it help up grrrrr-8!!! So enjoy it!We did!


  1. I think this has to be my favorite of all your dos. How cute! It almost makes me want to go cut off some of my daughter's hair!!

  2. AHHHHH....sooooo cute!!!!! I love it...I have to try this one next!!!

  3. I'm going to try this one for sure. It is super cute and very original. And I don't think I've ever seen it done before.

  4. I love this one! My dd's hair breaks every time we use ponytail holders of any kind, so it hangs down ALL the time (it's about as long as your dd's). This is one we can do though!

  5. Hey, a while back you posted something about a site you use to kind of edit pictures...can you tell me what it is? At least I think it was you...I could be totally wrong.

  6. Amy Loo I have her linked as one of my side bar buttons. Its Bloggin' with Bobbi. She teaches great photoshop sticks. Hope that helps you out.


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