New Model to the Mix...

I am not posting this hair do yet, just doing a little teasing. We have a new very beautiful model to add to the mix this week. This is my niece Calico Kitten. (Or so she will be referred to as Calico Kitten.) She is a year older than Beans, but she is the exact same size. Beans is under sizes for her age, so Calico Kitten is WAY super small for her age. She brings a new mix to the hair here at Girly Do's. She has VERY fine THIN hair! She had hair issue, more like control issues a while back and pulled out most of her hair. It is now very thin and very uneven. While I think her mom would like to cut her hair she only does braids and fears if she cuts it she won't be able to do braids. Which she only learned a few months ago. So with Calico, we have hair that you would think couldn't be used. But it can. This is for the mom's with kids that have cut there hair. Mom's with bands that are just being grown out and are long, but not long enough and for those with short hair that want to try something, but think there doll's hair is just not long enough. Can't wait to show you the new do, but I am working on getting this 100% ready to show, but when it surfaces this week you will be getting a two for the price of one deal because both of them are sporting a new do--- at least new to us.


  1. I love it, my daughter--now almost 3 has super fine super thin hair due to a very long battle with cradle cap--it is finally starting to grow out but still has some layers from her "baby do" that we can't cut yet--I've been able to do some of your dos, and have adapted some, but still have not been able to do anything as advanced as corkscrews or braids...thank you so much for your site, I love it!

  2. Can't wait to see the new do's! My 4 year old has super fine and whispy hair that makes it hard to keep up. My 3 year old had great hair - until she found a pair of scissors. Now she looks like Fraulein Maria.

  3. I can't wait to see what you post. My almost 3 year old has hair, but it's fine and not all the same length. Looking forward to it!

  4. Well hey there Calico Kitten!

    I think that's a great idea! I have two girls with very different types of hair. Styles with thin hair would be a great addition :) Thanks!

  5. Can't wait, can't wait...this is EXACTLY what we need!!


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