Knot as Knotty as My Brother-in-Law

Clearly there is a pretty good story that goes along with that title, but ALAS- this is a hair blog so I will just tell you that this style was inspired by actions from my manor lacking brother-in-law. I came up with this idea while trying to sleep through a loud TV I had on to cover up the heinously howling of a hound dog that had my kids FREAKED out. Last night was inspiring to say the least. But who cares... lets make hair happen! Chain gang as a head band leading into low piggies. Not only a shorty can pull this one off. You long hair-ions can do this too!
Start with one lonesome pony tail right on top. This will be divided to go both ways. With one half divide it in half again for your knots. The knot I used it just a single knot tied very loosely to look like a chain link. I sprayed mine lightly with hair spray so as to do away with those fly aways with a loose style like this one. Once I had my first chain I can secure it with a rubber band while I make the next climber pony tail or I can just hold it and make the next pony tail.Just combine it into that pony tail. Anchor it down and do it again. Because that's what its all about! Wait that is the hokey-poky... You know what I mean.

Do it again and anchor this one behind the ear. Since that is all that will be scene you can just do one more hidden nicely behind the ear to keep that hair out of sight and out of mind. Do both sides. I did a zig-zag part and pulled this into some piggy tails that were darling as all get out! Clearly I have hit that point of being tired where I am a little to silly to be posting. So good night. Hopefully I can fall asleep tonight.

This is the front shot of this hair do. What a cheese grin!


  1. I think I missed something...How did you make that chain? I love the do!

  2. Julia- sorry about that I went back and re-explained that part. I did it very late last night and was probably too tired to be blogging. But you are just tying loose knots.


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