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I am so excited to be featuring Jackie and Kassie's SWEET Do's. This is the hair style I wanted to do for Beans. Let me just say that Jamie is HILARIOUS!!! While getting this information she made me laugh. You'll have to go ask her yourself for her description of herself. IF she is willing to share. Anyways lets get to know her a little better:
Me:When did you start your hair blog?
Jamie: I started blogging about hair in August of 2008

Me: Why did you decide to make a blog about hair?
Jamie:I had seen a lot of hair blogs with girls that had thick, long hair. My girls do not have thick, long hair and I thought I could share some of the things I do with moms who were in the same boat as me. Also, when I got divorced my baby was pretty small and took up a lot of time so I finally decided I needed to do something to make sure the girls felt like I knew they were there too. I always did their hair anyway, but once we started the blog, I made sure it was their time. If the baby was crying, he cried. If the phone rang, I told them I would call them back. It was each girls "guaranteed" time every day where they could tell me whatever they wanted to and they had my full attention. Posting was another fun thing for the girls because my family lives about three hours away from us and we don't get to see them as much as we want to. It was a really easy way for Grandma, aunts and cousins to see them every day, see what they were doing and comment about it.

Me: Do you think of this as more of a hobby or an artistic outlet?
Jamie: Neither. I like to create and be "crafty" but it's mostly something that I love to do because it's fun for me to see the girls "all proud of themselves" when they come home from school and someone has made a nice comment. I feel like, with the divorce, they got the raw end of the deal. By doing this, it's another little way I can give them something back to make them excited and feel good about themselves so they can forget about some of the more icky things. I also love the time I get to spend with them and listening to all of their good stories I don't think I would have the patience to sit and listen to otherwise. Another thing that helped, I think, was posting for Grandma, aunts and cousins. The girls knew that everyone would be looking every day and they couldn't wait to get the comment or the phone call later that day. It was another way, I think, that reminded them that there were LOTS of people who not only loved them, but truly cared about what they were doing. It was my goal, and still is, to help the girls forget about the divorce by occupying their time with how wonderful they are and how much we all love them.

Me: Has your relationship with your daughter grown since you started this hobby/art?
Jamie: Can you share an example or story? I don't think it has really grown since we have done this but I do think it is a really good way to maintain a good one if something comes up where you don't have the time (or sanity) to do things how you usually do.

Me: Which are your two favorite styles of your own?
Jamie: That's tough!!! I would have to say on Jackie it's a tossup between "Getting a twist to say" and the "Jean Bennett"- And for Kass, I think the "Donut Piggies" or "Kassie's Camo Kiss for Grandma". I'm a boob. Their mood and how cute they were on that day is what makes the do's my favorites.

Me: Can you tell us one secret about you and your hair art/hobby that no one (or very few) knows about you.
Jamie:I'm not sure if this is such a secret, but, for those that don't know,I have REALLY thick, long, naturally dark brown hair. Nothing like my girls'. Mine was, however, just like theirs when I was young. It wasn't until high school that it really started to come in. Keep the hope alive ladies!

So there you have it! This is really fun getting to know you gals a little better. I did the same questions I did before, but I will have all new ones for the next Featured Hair Artist. Jamie is working with this hair. So if you are looking for ways to fluff up your piggy tails or for a way to make a hair station out of your old changing table head over to check things out.

I had to do this crooked X or Angled X that she posted a few days back. It was hard to decide on a favorite one to do from her site because she has a ton of cute hair do's to pick from. But I chose this one because I (personally) don't have very many that end on the side and I love how that looks. So I tried this one.

I think I should have angled it a little more, but it ended on the side and I loved that look on this gal pal of mine. And when you do anything with short hair it is best to have climbers to work your way to the pony tail with steps and separate smaller pony tails so all the hair isn't falling out.Start with the pony tail on top and then do a second pony tail off set on one side.Your next one is going to take a "STEP" to the side you want your pony tail to end on. And you are going to continue taking steps and you combine the hair from the opposite pony tail to make your X work.This was a shot to show you how I parted for my steps. Once you add in the other side you have your first X. Just keep moving in that direction until you finish with that side pony tail. Finish it in one pony tail off to the opposite side that you started on.
Throw in a bow and you have a very beautiful side pony tail. Thank you for this new fun hair idea Jackie and Kassie's Sweet Do's.
I'll be doing this one often.


  1. I feel like such a dork. I like posting....especially if no one else has yet. I love your blog and should start one of my own. It's just hard to find the time. I'm a full time working mother. But that is also why it's so fun for me to look at your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jen I think this idea of the featured hair artists is a fun way to get to know the hair bloggers out there...Can I make a suggestion? I am amazed at "Cute girly Do's" I was fooled for a long time thinking she was the mom...It would be fun to get to know "Cute Girly Do's" a little better!

  3. Oooohh LaLa!!! Jackie says she looks HOT! I agree.

    Thanks for Featuring me.

  4. My daughter (5) and I both love this do!! It's so easy and cute! Thanks for all the help that you give!!

  5. I just came across this post as I was going through the hairstyle gallery. The blog you've highlighted here isn't public anymore. I'd love an invitation though. Is there any way for me to introduce myself to Jamie so I could be invited?



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