Easy & Out the Door in Under Five

Every once in a while you need a quick hair do that you feel good about doing in a very short amount of time that is going to hold up to all the day has to offer. I know everyone needs them. And I know I don't post quick easy and out the door hair do styles to often. So this one is for you to store in the back of your mind for a rainy day where you need a quick hair do that you know will keep the hair out of her face and still be cute. This is just one row of an exaggerated row of knots going to one side of her head, rather then going towards the back.
The exaggeration part is where you start your first knot. You start it not quite by the right (or left if you are going the other direction) ear, but past where you would normally part down her hair on the side.
From there you just keep parting and doing knots.You can really stop anywhere you want. The nice part about knots is that the pony tail part of the hair, the part hanging down, will (generally) ALWAYS lay against the head and you don't have a crazy pop out pony tail that is all over the place to deal with.For mine I took it just past the ear for my last one and like I said before the pony tail doesn't flop out and look awkward on this style. That's why knots are a perfect out the door solution. For a reminder on some past knots we've done here, go check out Knotted Crown or Getting Knotty just to remind you how to do those crazy knots.

Well there you have it a nice quick hair do that'll have you out the door in five-flat! Okay maybe it'll take you more or less time. Judging that time thing is a hard one to pull off, but this is a easy one if nothing else! Have a GREAT Tuesday!!!


  1. Very cute! I love it! And am actually going to try it out today? She's just getting out of the bath.... :)

  2. Love your blog! I just posted you button and I am ready to try these ideas on my daughters hair!

  3. I love simple and quick sometimes. Especially when my little Marianne doesn't want to get up in the morning to get to school. So, thanks for sharing!

  4. Did this on my 2 year old this morning before taking her to Mother's Day Out. I got 5 or 6 compliments just walking in and out. Nobody would have suspected it was so quick. They all wanted to know how I got her to sit still long enough to do it! Cute :)

  5. This is so cute! I just did it on my daughters hair only after I put the last elastic in, I pulled it all back into a messy bun. I really like the way it looks.


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