Down and Out

Guess what I did. I chopped my Beans hair. Chopped a whole 9 inches off of it. I guess I wanted to be a part of the short hair gang of hair bloggers. Just kidding. Truth is my shoulder has really hurt over this winter. The cold is making the healing take twice as long. So I chopped it to make life a little easier. I cut it a tad shorter underneath so that it would naturally curl under. So on my really painful days I don't need to do anything more than throw a Mary Jane Headband in it and go. Its made life a little better for me. Do you ever just want to leave your little gals hair down, but you know you will go batty tucking hair behind her ears all day long to keep it out of her face. Well this is how I deal with that. I make a permanent tuck that I don't have to deal with all day long. And it is so hidden no one will know your trick.
Divide out the front from the back and clip the back held back if you need it held out of your way while you work.
Anchor it behind the ear with a clear (lead free) rubber band (ha ha ha). I only anchored the one side that had shorter hairs that needed to be held back. I also sprayed some hair spray on it to hold it in place as well.
Now Beans hair can barely reach underneath since we chopped it. I could have held it in place right there and called it good, but part of why I did the hair cut was to show you how it can be done doing these styles with shorter hair. Obviously there is still some hair that will be too short for this still, but this should help some of you.Divide out a little bit of that hair that is underneath and combine it with the hair in front. That you are trying to anchor behind the ears.Make a piggy tail.Repeat on the other side. Remember that one side has the extra anchor right above the ear. You can't see it at all once you throw the hair back over to let it hang down. You could use this when you do the Braid Headband, the Cheater's Headband, Climbers Headband and so many more. So have fun with this trick.See no pig tails... and no hair in the face either. This is such a good trick. A lot of nights my dear sweet husband has to take rubber bands out of Beans hair, but he totally had no idea she had them in with the hair do. She ended up sleeping in them. They clearly didn't bother her either, but it was nice to see her face all day long and not have to worry about tucking the hair behind her ears to see it.


  1. Totally cute! Her hair looks about the length of my daughters. I'm really excited to see what you come up with now.

  2. I love this tip! I HATE hair in my daughter's face. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm excited! My daughter and I just recently chopped our hair off too, so I'm excited to get new ideas that will work on her hair

  4. Great idea gf! She looks darling with it short -- no surprise there!

  5. Oh that's a good idea. Princess just got us to cut her hair again (she love her bob's and she is so cute I can't help but do it...LOL) I like to do simple pull backs on the top to keep it out of her face. She LOVES barretts so this is helpful. For the times I miss the "youngness" of her I slap a HUGE bow on her head but not often....*sob* she is growing up. I also like to do a tiny braid hanging to the side with just a tad pulled from the top (does that make sense...LOL) Well shoot - maybe I should take some darn pics next time...LOL. Have a share day...LOL.

  6. OOOH Shortie!

    Btw, ya the button thing is an unfortunate side effect of locking pics :(

  7. Great tip and darling haircut!

    Sooo, where did you find the lead free rubberbands? LOL

  8. I was sad to hear you chopped your dd's hair off until i saw the picture! She's so adorable, long or short! Hope your shoulder heals quickly!

  9. Hi this was working on my daughters hair until she fell asleep with her coat on in the car and then the rest of the day it stuck out. Any suggestions? Her hair is still pretty fine.


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