This one is special and near and dear to my heart.
These are my home made curlers. If you are new or don't remember when I first brought these to Girly Do's go see this post. But I get a ton of emails about these. So these are for those who follow Girly Do's faithfully. This give away is for everyone who has chosen to be one of Girly Do's faithful followers.
HUGE ♥ Thank you ♥
That doesn't mean you can't get in on this drawing. You are more than welcome to sign up and be a follower of Girly Do's. I don't want you to if you don't want to though. I am not meaning to try and buy you or bribe you to choose to follow my blog. That is not the point of this giveaway. I just want to give a special thank you to those who do love Girly Do's enough to add them to my list of followers and friends.
Please also note that there are buttons on these so use
common sense when using these with small children.
These are eight solid orange and eight that have a colorful chicken pattern on them they are darling! And so much fun. I just finished these last night. Talk about cutting it close! No comments--- this one if for the followers of Girly Do's.
And will end on January 31, 2009 at midnight.



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