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Yippy-skippy! We have a new do and a bonus featured hair artist! This is the first (of hopefully many) featured hair artist do's. In other words... there are a lot of hair bloggers out there. And a lot of great talent out there. There is something very fun about this form of art. And I do call it art--- its nice to look at, it makes a statement and its requires a certain creativity element. Its an art that anyone with the desire can repeat it. I find myself admiring the other hair bloggers and thinking how much more I'd like to know about them. So I am going to start showing my favorite hair do's here. Of course sometimes I will give them my own twist using there idea, but I want to give credit where credit is do, so I am having a featured hair artist every once in a while. You'll have to tell me if you like this or hate it. (See poll on the side bar to vote.)Today I am featuring Chain Links from--
Hairstyles for Girls
This was what first caught my eye to her blog and made me fall in love with her very unique style! She is amazing. Very talented. And very admired. I am sure if you are here you have been there. But did you know...

Me: When did you start your hair blog?

The Story of a Princess and Her Hair: Holy cow, it's been awhile. I had to go back and look at my blog archive to remember. It looks like I started in May of 2008

Me: Why did you decide to make a blog about hair?

The Story of a Princess and Her Hair: Well, several reasons. About a year before I started blogging, I actually started doing a scrapbook about hair! I just wanted a place to keep all the stuff we did to refer back to in the mornings. Then, I got into blogging with our family blog and found out how much easier and less time consuming blogs are than scrapbooks. So, I started up the hair blog. It was really just for my daughter and I in the beginning.

Me: Do you think of this as more of a hobby or an artistic outlet?

The Story of a Princess and Her Hair: Both. Mostly a hobby. There's a reason why there are so many hair blogs. It's a lot of fun!

Me: Has your relationship with your daughter grown since you started this hobby/art? Can you share an example or story?

The Story of a Princess and Her Hair: YES! Some of our best talks have come while doing her hair. I'm really going to miss it when she gets too old and cool for me to play with her hair anymore. I dread that day actually. It's 20-30 minutes a day I can spend with just her.

Me: Which are your two favorite styles of your own?

The Story of a Princess and Her Hair: I'd have to say the woven piggies and the chains are my favorites.

Me: Can you tell us one secret about you and your hair art/hobby that no one (or very few) knows about you.

The Story of a Princess and Her Hair: I don't keep any secrets, he he. Well actually, if you really want to know.... I'm a complete idiot when it comes to using computers. I actually have to ask my husband ALL THE TIME how to do stuff. I'm slowly learning more and more as I go along though. Oh, and I spend all my time doing my daughter's hair and not my own. You would most likely be shocked if you saw my hair (and not in a good way.) It's in a ponytail most days. LOL

Sweet! That is so fun. I have to say that my two I would have chose the same two hair styles as my favorites. But you can spend hours at her blog getting a ton of great idea's. Make sure to add her as a favorite if you haven't yet. You will not be disappointed.

So As promised I am working with a challenge. Calico Kitten has great hair for hair styles. She just is going through a time of having thin fine very uneven hair right now. She went through a time where she would pull out any hair do her mom ever put in her hair. Violently! Pulling out and reeking havoc along the way. She has out grown that now, but is still awaiting growing out the hair. Have you ever been there? I know a lot of us have. I hid a self cut trim by Beans when she was three. It is just something we have to do some times. So some of her hair is long and other parts are still off her shoulders.

This is great! This is how I do this hair do on Beans because her hair is no where near as long as the example given for chain links. This is what I came up with for short hair, or awkwardly layered hair.Start off with parting out a section of hair on the front part. I still have the first part off centered in case you needed that step.You need to have two strands of hair to tie chain links. I don't leave any hair down in the middle and it ends up looking fine. I DO **HOWEVER** load up on hair spray on these two sections of hair. Once I spray it in I brush it through to even it out and spread it through the hair and to hide those flyaway hairs.Tie your basic knot. There is no trick or special lesson you need to do this. Just start like you are tying your shoe and stop there before you do bows. Its just a simple knot.If you were tying a square knot you'd tie another knot and cinch them down together. Not here. You leave it nice and loose.Here is where things change. You are going to ANCHOR the hair down to the hair that is below the chain.YES you are going to see that rubber band even on the finished hair do. SO WHAT. Barbie hair and all doll hair is held into place for those puffy bangs and stuff with anchor bands. This really isn't any different then that. And look at the finished do. It looks good.You are going to do another set of links on this side. I am doing two on each side. So part it out again and treat it with some hair spray.Again anchor it down.
Do it on the other side the same way.
Pull it into a pony tail and give that hair that is hanging down a nice spiral with the curling iron, or your flat iron. Beans has even shorter hair then Calico Kitten has so I do hers in pig tails when I do this hair style to her. Pig tails are VERY cute for this hair do. And those rubber bands working as anchors--- do they bother you not being hid? Because they sure don't bother me.
Thank you so much Calico Kitten--- you sure are a cutie!!!

Thank You!!! Story of a Princess and Her Hair. Over here at Girly Do's we appreciate your talents! Keep 'em commin'.


  1. Jenn, thanks so much for featuring me. I'm a huge fan of YOUR blog. BTW, they both look darling with their chains!

  2. I love how you are featuring other hair bloggers! I think it is awesome that you recognize and apprecite others talents as well as your own. On another note just wanted to say that new thing you put under the hair-do to vote whether you thinks it's fun or easy is half-way cut off. I can only see the tops of the boxes on the second line! i'll check back and vote when i can see all of the options!!!!!

  3. I found you on SITS today! awesome hair ideas! I am going to have to try some of them out on my Superstar! Thanks!

  4. Dropping by from sits. Cute! You did a great job with their hair. They look precious.

  5. What a sweet idea (and I mean like Napolean sweet). I think I will nominate you for the "Mrs. Congeniality" award from the Hairbloggers Association of the Web. You totally deserve it!

  6. ♥ I love this do so cute! I'm going to have to try it on Olivia! :)

  7. I'm not sure how to share ideas with you, but here is one!! I LOVE your hair blog! Thanks!

  8. yeah i,m totally loving the chain look @ the moment, really eay & differnt looking xxxxx


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